Pioneering pharmacovigilance

Opening new horizons for patient safety with AI

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Automate processing, release predictive insight

Forward-thinking pharmaceutical companies are doing more than simply reporting adverse events. With digital technologies they're harnessing the power of prediction to protect what really matters: patient health.

Companies spend billions of dollars on pharmacovigilance (PV) every year, yet adverse drug reactions remain a major, preventable cause of death. Our suite of technologies uses AI, natural language understanding, computer vision, and more to streamline case processing by 50%, increase the speed and sensitivity of signal detection, and unlock predictive insights.

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The future of pharmacovigilance

See how AI and analytics are transforming case reporting and predicting safety issues.

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Enter a new world of pharmacovigilance

We're working with 3 of the top-15 pharma companies to transform pharmacovigilance. Join the pioneers to:


Move from detecting and reporting to predicting and preventing

Create value

Improve patient care and bring scalable value to your business

Break new ground

Establish a new industry standard for pharmacovigilance

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Transforming drug safety through AI

How a life sciences giant is protecting patients by transforming pharmacovigilance

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If you'd like more detail on how Cora PharmacoVigilance can enhance patient safety, learn more here.

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