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Digital technology will transform your approach to commercial lending and leasing.

Commercial lenders are losing valuable time to lengthy middle- and back-office activities, slow and inefficient credit approvals, and broken loan transaction processes. Instead of this, you could be spending it with customers, building your pipeline, and accelerating growth.

Using digital technology and advanced analytics we give you back that time. Smarter credit evaluation and decisions, and automated credit servicing free you to focus on improving the productivity of your relationship managers, shortening the loan cycle, lowering risk exposure, expanding business opportunities, and transforming your customers’ experience and satisfaction.

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A new vision for commercial lending and leasing

We help you:

Double the time your relationship managers spend with customers

Our digital solutions automate front- and middle-office, meaning faster approvals and more time spent with customers

Increase your pipeline by 40-50%

Our advanced analytics tools identify likely borrowers and qualify your pipeline to drive sales effectiveness

Reduce time to close by 50% with faster credit agreements

AI-driven Contract Assistant reduces turnaround time to agree credit and increases booking accuracy up to 100%

Improve credit accuracy up to 100%

Cora LiveSpread uses AI to automate financial spreading, assess financial risk, and increase booking accuracy up to 100%

What can our digital transformation solutions deliver? 

An easier, quicker loan process to your customers, while giving you more time to build relationships, close more deals, and grow your business.

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