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Procurement maturity diagnostic

Building world-class procurement teams

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In today’s hyper-competitive world, procurement is constantly under pressure to optimize savings and contribute to strategic initiatives that grow business profit. Success hinges on understanding business conditions, aligning to strategic goals, and working toward best-in-class procurement performance. 

Yet even with up to 70% of company spend under its control, some companies still view procurement as a transactional, rather than strategic, function – a source of short-term, unsustainable savings rather than a profit-creating ally. As a result, investment and monitoring can be lacking, leading to:

  • Unfavorable market pricing
  • Under-performing suppliers
  • Weak supplier relationships
  • Limited access to market opportunities and innovation
  • Greater exposure to third-party risk
  • Uncontrolled business spending
  • Inconsistent supply-chain performance and increasing supply-chain problems
  • Poor integration between procurement and other business functions 

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Genpact's Procurement Maturity Diagnostic offers a four-step framework to make that happen.  This cloud-based solution taps into the expertise, process knowledge, and digital capabilities we have built through designing, transforming, and running procurement functions for many Fortune 500 clients. 

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