Solution Overview

From the racetrack to the boardroom

Lessons in boosting competitive advantage at speed

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Fierce competition, unexpected obstacles, shifting conditions..

In Formula E – the first fully electric, international, single-seater racing series – 45 intense minutes separate the winners from the forgotten. Every second brings a new crucial decision. Attack? Defend? Stick to the plan or adjust on the fly to find a new path to victory? Each decision is guided by experience, instinct, and knowledge, but bound by constraints.

Balancing speed, strategy, and insight is critical for any team or organization. And Genpact is improving that balance with Envision Virgin Racing, a founding Formula E team known for its innovation and disruption.

We're embedding AI and advanced analytics throughout its operations, connecting people, processes, and knowledge; accessing new data sources; and refining algorithms to enhance the team's performance in the garage and on the track. We're creating the world's first instinctive racing team. 


From the racetrack to the boardroom

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Turning predictive insights into podium finishes

Spot patterns, predict outcomes, optimize resources

Predicting the number of laps in a race is vital to a winning strategy. The E-Prix lasts for 45 minutes plus one lap, which means energy management is critical.

  • What's at stake: Use too much energy and your battery dies before the finish line. Use too little and you won't finish first. To make decisions on speed, braking, and attack-mode while assessing the weather, cars, and collisions, the team must accurately predict the number of laps in a race.
  • How Genpact helps: Our Lap Estimate Optimizer (LEO) houses different algorithms to more accurately forecast how many laps there will be. LEO is instrumental in races where energy management is tight or where drivers must make a high number of overtakes to secure a point-scoring finish.

Outmaneuvering the competition

Alternative data for profiling rivals

Envision Virgin Racing is a data-driven business. The team analyzes its rivals' behavior to better understand their strengths and weaknesses so its drivers know when to overtake or defend their positions.

  • What's at stake: Understanding how each driver uses energy, brakes, accelerates, or takes turns provides essential competitive advantage. The team with the best insights gets ahead.
  • How Genpact helps: Genpact is extracting new insights from an alternative source. By cleaning and analyzing GPS data we're creating heat maps of opponents' driving habits so the team can anticipate other drivers' moves in each race.

Building on peak performance

Uncovering driver trends at scale

Drivers reach a city track having spent hours in the simulator, learning the braking points, how hard to accelerate, and where to manage energy. While the engineers work with them to improve performance, they lack deep insights into their relative lap times.

  • What's at stake: Envision Virgin Racing drivers need detailed insights into who performs best on each track so they can learn from each other's strengths, take the best line, and consistently deliver the best lap times.
  • How Genpact helps: We use advanced analytics to reveal detailed insight. Having learned from each other's practice runs the drivers start every race ready to deliver a winning performance.

The future: Protecting mission-critical capital

Predictive maintenance to keep cars rolling

Cars are equipped with a variety of sensors that monitor everything from tire pressure to brake telemetry, and Envision Virgin Racing counts on that data to stay on top.

  • What's at stake: When sensors fail, the team misses out on valuable data. Part failure could cause an on-track catastrophe.
  • How Genpact can help: Our analytics can identify which sensors or parts should be replaced pre-emptively, reducing the risk of data blackouts, poor performance, or cars not finishing the race.

The future: Harnessing the ecosystem

Converting fan excitement into race-day advantage

In Formula E, fans can power their team to victory. The Fanboost vote lets supporters decide which drivers receive a five-second burst of energy.

  • What's at stake: Fanboost energy is enough to overtake a rival or repel a challenge to secure a win.
  • How Genpact can help: We can analyze social media sentiment, create fan personas, and map the engagement journey. By identifying which fans have the highest propensity to vote for an Envision Virgin Racing driver, the team can focus on securing their support and energy.

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