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Dive deep into data to get ahead

Finding winning insights hidden in plain sight

When fractions of a second separate the winners from the forgotten, it's the team that knows how to approach every inch of the track and anticipate competitors' moves that has the best chance of a point-scoring finish.

Genpact is partnering with Envision Racing – a founding member of the world's first fully electric, international, single-seater championship – to provide more granular and accurate insights into the team's own drivers and its rivals. In just a few weeks, the partnership has used artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics to reveal insights that are helping to address challenges the team has grappled with for years.

The challenge

Enabling peak performance

Without data, Envision Racing cars can't leave the garage. It's the bedrock of car design, strategy development, and race-day performance. And, as is the case for any business, accurate, actionable insights – on the team's own performance and that of its competitors – provide a critical advantage. But the ability to find and analyze relevant data is a challenge.

Ahead of each city E-Prix, Envision Racing drivers Sam Bird and Robin Frijns spend hours in high-fidelity simulators, practicing for each race, learning the braking points, where to accelerate, and how to manage energy. The team could examine the data from the simulator runs, but would struggle to uncover deep insights into lap-time performance that the drivers could learn from.

And it's not just insights into Robin and Sam's driving strengths that the team needed. Predicting the tendencies of the other 20 drivers in the championship is even more difficult because data is at a premium. While GPS offered an available, alternative source of race data on every driver, the team had not used it to gain valuable insights. Until now.

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How Genpact helps

New data discoveries

Genpact's data science capabilities amplify Envision Racing's expertise, providing detailed insights that had been hidden in data.

To help the race team get more from its simulator sessions, we used AI and analytics to reveal detailed results as to who performs best on each part of the track. Robin and Sam can now learn from each other's strengths, take the best line, consistently deliver the best lap times, and win.

We also found a new way to add to the team's intelligence on rival drivers with the previously unused GPS data. From our analysis we created profile cards with heatmaps to visualize the driving characteristics from each competitor, showing how opponents use energy, brake, accelerate, or approach turns in a race to help the team anticipate their moves.


Race-changing insights

Within weeks of starting the simulator analysis, Genpact's data scientists uncovered new patterns and insights that now make it easier for Sam and Robin to learn from each other as they prepare for a race.

For example, in the lead-up to Robin's maiden victory, our analysis of the virtual runs found that Sam would brake more aggressively going into a specific turn on the Paris track, and accelerate earlier when coming out of it. This insight contributed to the overtake that put Robin in the lead.

“For the past five years we've been looking for deeper insights from our drivers 'simulator data so they can learn from each other ahead of every race," says Gil Abrantes, strategy engineer at Envision Racing. “With Genpact's advanced analytics skills and understanding of our needs, the team uncovered valuable competitive insights in just two weeks."

Instinctive racing

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Additionally, by working with the team to use and visualize GPS data, Envision Racing can see its rivals' tendencies and weaknesses. In the Mexico City 2019 race, our combined approach enhanced a series of overtakes, including one where Robin strategically let Sam pass while defending against other drivers, allowing Sam to secure a point-scoring finish.

The combination of Genpact's data-science skills with Envision Racing's motorsport expertise brings the team a new, sharper edge in an ever-more competitive sport.

From the racetrack to the boardroom

Financial services

Banks must meet consumer demands to design products that combine digital convenience with an in-bank, full-service personal touch. And while banks have deep data on customers' activities and financial standings, they can struggle to turn the numbers into meaningful insights.

We provide better visualization of customer actions from the underlying data. With easier access to insights, banks can turn customer-behavior data into improved service design, enhanced customer conversion and retention, and a well-honed channel strategy.


Real-time claims decisions with AI
Envision Racing uses all available data so that it can be at the top of its game going into every race. Insurers also juggle large pools of data from many sources, but can struggle to uncover useful insights and make quick decisions.

Genpact applies AI to analyze millions of images of auto damage so that insurers' customers receive almost real-time estimates on the cost of repairs, and whether the vehicle is a total loss. Claims decisions are made in minutes rather than weeks, getting insureds back on the road more quickly.

Consumer goods and retail

Manage third-party risk with machine learning
Just as Envision Racing manages its race strategy's risks by analyzing alternative data to understand its rivals' driving habits, companies must use data to protect themselves from third-party risk.

Genpact designs and enhances third-party risk-management programs with insights from internal and external data, including unconventional sources. Machine learning algorithms provide tangible insights for mitigating third-party risk through controls, audits, and remediation plans.


Stay ahead with alternative data
As customers' demands increase and competitors make bold developments, manufacturers can't get left behind.

In the same way that Envision Racing uses alternative sources of data, manufacturers can analyze external information and social media to uncover insights that allow them to adjust production schedules, supply chains, and go-to-market strategies to boost customer satisfaction and stay competitive.

All industries

Changing direction without crashing down
Envision Racing analyzes simulator data so that its drivers can execute every maneuver – whether planned or in-the-moment – successfully and safely. Similarly, companies must prepare for complex projects, so that they don't disrupt customers by wiping out the services they depend on daily.

Genpact helps manage large-scale change initiatives with scenario simulations that identify the likely impact of process transformation. And by capturing data from one project phase to inform the next, companies can improve outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience during and after transitions.