Case Study

Using sophisticated modeling and analysis, Genpact helps pharma leader improve physician targeting, optimize physician call plans, and generate US$27 million in incremental profit

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Global pharmaceutical manufacturer

Life sciences

Business need addressed:
Smarter allocation of sales resources to target physicians with greater propensity to schedule sales calls, accept samples, and increase script volume

Genpact solution:
Genpact developed models targeting specialists, PCPs, and other physicians to simulate expected Rx volume to optimize sampling initiatives and maximize profit

Business impact:
The client reallocated samples to underserved segments (particularly in the specialist group) and expects to generate an additional US$27 million in profit.

Aiming to optimize the use of samples when sales reps call on physicians, Genpact helped this pharmaceutical manufacturer create more sophisticated models to simulate script volumes and develop call plans that maximize profit. By devoting more resources to underserved segments, the company expects to generate incremental profit of US$27 million.

Business challenge

  • Traditional call plans for reps to deliver samples and detail new therapeutics are usually based on basic segmentations, geographic territories, and physician availability
  • The client wanted to create optimized call plans driven by more sophisticated analytics. However, before moving forward, the client wanted a clear forecast of incremental prescription activity and an understanding of plan alternatives

Genpact solution

Genpact developed a series of sophisticated models to target specialists, primary care physicians, and other doctors. The models factored in such variables as previous receptivity to sampling/detailing, managed-care constraints, and more. Using the model results, the client:

  • Simulated expected script volume for varying levels of samples to identify distribution of samples across all doctors to maximize profit.
  • Used business rules to determine the upper bounds of incremental samples vs. the call plan

Business impact

Within and across call plan deciles, significant variation in a physician’s responsiveness to sampling was observed. The analysis found that the most significant gains could be achieved by shifting samples from “low sample response” segments of physicians to “high sample response” physicians who saw a decline in sample quantities. In particular, the “specialist physicians” segment was underfunded and sub-optimally supplied with samples. Increasing specialist samples by 8% annually is expected to increase incremental profit by 18%. The optimized plan is expected to generate US$27 million more profit than the non-optimized plan.

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