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Testing center of excellence enables financial services major to optimize quality and reduce costs

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Major financial services provider

This client is a diversified financial services provider, offering consumer, commercial, and business banking services to nearly 13 million customers, in addition to catering to the financial needs of multinational corporate, institutional, and government clients

Business need addressed:
The client wanted to establish a user acceptance testing (UAT) Center of Excellence (CoE ) to transform the existing testing function and achieve quality services while reducing total testing costs without loss of control

Genpact solution:  
Optimized the existing UAT processes and created a roadmap for establishing a UAT CoE for the client organization

Business impact:
Standardized UAT processes across the client organization, and lower total testing cost through global teams working onsite and offshore and implementing reusable components

This leading financial services provider in Australia needed to transform its complex UAT function to achieve greater efficiency with fewer postproduction defects. Genpact optimized the existing UAT process model to enhance service quality, boost operational efficiency and flexibility, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Business challenge

The financial services provider had a sub-optimal UAT process designed to cater to the expanding business. The company was worried about inadequate UAT being performed on changes that were continuously being rolled out. This was due in part to the limited capability to scale-up the resources and subject matter experts as and when required, and in part to the lack of a standard testing process.

The lack of a process-centric approach towards UAT led to an inefficient utilization of business and project teams, while insufficient documentation resulted in duplication of testing efforts. Moreover, the lack of structured knowledge management led to ad hoc testing measures and sub-standard releases.

The financial services provider therefore looked for a partner who, together with the financial services provider’s team, would focus on improving the UAT function and ensure timely execution for the requested changes in production. This would improve responsiveness and the quality of deliverables in the production environment. With a long-standing and successful relationship with the financial services provider, Genpact was engaged to provide UAT services and create a roadmap for establishing a UAT CoE for the client organization.

Genpact solution

Genpact team worked closely with the client to standardize test methodologies and processes to be used globally, and to create a testing organization capable of delivering greater performance as well as improving the quality of output.

Optimized the existing UAT process model and leveraged best practices A test-process assessment was conducted to understand the maturity of the existing processes, and to develop a clear roadmap of staged improvements aimed at addressing the key testexecution challenges, achieving low defects at a lower total cost of ownership, and accelerating time to market. While doing this initial assessment and mapping, Genpact figured out how the client could safely automate operations related to UAT, and calculated the move would reduce time to market and deliver direct savings once it was rolled out on an operation-wide basis.

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A phased approach for improvements was devised and a comprehensive UAT methodology capturing best practices from Genpact was aligned to the client’s project-management framework. Automation and knowledge management for enhanced testing function An automation framework was developed and implemented to drive greater traceability and consistency and improve the execution of testing. Genpact also created an automation manager utility interface, which resulted in a reusable, easy-tomanage framework providing an abstraction from complexities of test automation tools and scripts to the business user.

We identified metrics for all phases and designed processes to collect and analyze data for reporting to deliver accurate and timely UAT reports for business stakeholders. A central repository of test cases, regression test cases, and test scenarios was created at Genpact’s Quality Center to assist in knowledge management. Genpact also created a survey to capture client feedback on a monthly basis and ensure timely review.

Onsite-offshore managed services model for scalability and lower costs Genpact adopted a traditional staff-augmentation model to deliver the project in an onsite/offshore mode, providing experienced testers offshore to help reduce costs.

Additionally, a long-term managed testing engagement was signed to provide greater efficiency and access to a large pool of qualified and certified testing specialists worldwide. Finally, Genpact will leverage the global best practices offered through its comprehensive expertise in business operations derived from working across numerous processes globally to deliver high-impact UAT services. Roadmap to build a UAT CoE Genpact also created a roadmap to institute a UAT testing CoE with clearly defined vision and a framework for structured program management. The CoE will enable the client to scale-up existing testing service and offer new services with higher quality at lower costs.

Business impact

Standardization and automation of the UAT process are expected to yield multimillion-dollar direct cost savings in addition to delivering longterm business impacts for the client. Key impacts delivered include:

  • Standardized UAT processes formulated and implemented across the client organization
  • Lowered total cost of ownership with the onsite/offshore delivery model, reusable automation framework for tests, and other reusable components (regression suites)
  • Lowered risk – Improvement in test quality helped reduce the risk of production failures
  • Effective knowledge management - Quality center as centralized repository led to knowledge augmentation across the team
  • More control and better management - Welldefined feedback mechanism and reporting helped monitor and manage quality of testing
  • Flexibility to scale - Team of subject matter experts for cross-functional testing at offshore supported scaling in a shorter time period and in a more cost-effective manner
  • Faster time to market – The new process meant changes could be tested more quickly and implemented faster

Next phase

Impressed with Genpact’s proven UAT delivery excellence and the overall business impact delivered, the financial services firm chose to expand its partnership with Genpact - another business unit of the client organization has engaged Genpact’s experts to help them rapidly scale and meet the ever-increasing demand for UAT.

Based on the requirements defined by the new business unit, Genpact conducted a pilot project to detail the scope and define the success criteria and target benefits expected to be derived from the new engagement, which also will leverage the UAT CoE.

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