Case Study

Reimagining sales and pipeline management process using Lean DigitalSM approach helps improve bookings by 50%

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Client: Genpact

Industry: Global business services

Business need addressed: Simplified the complexity of multiple CRM systems, improved pipeline visibility, and increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team

Genpact solution: Reimagine end-to-end sales process using the Lean DigitalSM approach, combining process re-engineering and implementing agile, cloud-based Systems of EngagementTM solutions

Business impact:

  • 50% improvement in bookings; 15% higher pipeline inflows
  • Better pipeline visibility and faster integration for new sales hires

Faced with M&A-driven system complexity and rapidly expanding global sales force, Genpact adopted a Lean DigitalSM approach to reimagine its end-to-end sales process through a combination of radically improved process design and deployment of an agile, cloud-based ecosystem of digital solutions to deliver transformative impact in less than a year.

Business challenge

  • M&A-driven complexity of multiple CRMs, including businesses running on basic spreadsheet applications
  • No single version of truth; limited accuracy of forecasting and pipeline activity; enterprise data not consolidated
  • Siloed systems to manage different elements of the sales cycle; e.g., master data management, account planning, knowledge support, sales force compensation, etc.
  • All this at a time of rapid expansion of the sales team, resulting in a significant impact on sales force efficiency and effectiveness, ramp-up time for new hires, bookings, and win rate

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Genpact solution

  • Focused on what creates a step change in business outcome without attempting to digitize a broken process
  • Did not go for incremental process improvement or a wholesale rip-and-replace of numerous existing systems
  • The Lean DigitalSM approach enabled Genpact to focus in a practical way on the key end-to-end Data-to-Insight-to-Action steps that delivered on intended business outcomes
  • Started the project with user and executive discovery sessions where sales team and other key stakeholders were asked about their goals and priorities
  • Design thinking approach helped reimagine a new process that meets goals while respecting priorities; e.g., through minimizing data entry workload for the sales team or ensuring availability on mobile devices
  • Prioritization was key; decided on what is critical to get right immediately; e.g., all data needs to be migrated accurately and seamlessly
  • Leveraged significant internal and external domain expertise, working with global consulting firms to understand and implement best practices
  • Followed an agile approach, resisting the temptation to over-engineer, starting with a minimum viable solution and adding other components later
  • Deployed an agile, cloud-based Systems of EngagementTM solution based on the Salesforce platform to run a re-engineered end-to-end process from account selection to decision support
  • Progressively added a rich ecosystem of advanced applications that are fully integrated and manage specific activities like contact and opportunity profiling, proposal workflow management, administration of variable compensation, etc.
  • Connected the dots with the middle and back office, for example, with sales operations playing a major role
  • Boosted adoption and productivity through re-engaging stakeholders to gather feedback and trigger recursive improvement
  • Enabled better alignment with key upstream marketing activities like lead nurturing and campaign management, as well as downstream processes like contract lifecycle management

Business impact

  • Bookings improved 50%; 15% higher pipeline inflows and better conversion rates
  • Multiple CRMs consolidated into one with zero data loss in less than six months
  • Faster integration of new hires, improving sales force efficiency
  • Better pipeline visibility and account plans helped Genpact act as one company, providing better client solutions that integrate different capabilities
  • Single version of truth with improved compliance and productivity; no back-and-forth for information requests and confirmation
  • Rich ecosystem of applications enhanced sales force effectiveness and improved deal pursuits, for example, through better pricing analytics and faster proposal response

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