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People network analytics helps improve internal client satisfaction

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Client: Seventeen enterprises and their globally distributed shared services operations

Industry: Multiple industries

Business need addressed: Maximize the effectiveness of global shared services operations and improve internal client satisfaction

Genpact solution: Operations Network Analytics (ONA) helped determine the health of the relationship between shared services and the rest of the organizations, helping senior management take specific actions to improve internal client satisfaction

Business impact:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Adaptation and flexibility
  • Growth and scalability

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Leaders in a number of shared service organizations wanted to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations and internal client satisfaction measurements. Genpact's Operations Network Analytics (ONA) big data solution quickly fixed the issue and helped predict reasons for tension/friction between groups. The solution provided specific guidance to the leaders of these shared services teams to improve effectiveness and internal client satisfaction.

Business challenge

Large shared services operations across several global companies faced governance challenges due to scale, the distributed nature of the operations, and complex internal organizational structures. Senior leaders lacked visibility into how effectively teams collaborated within and outside the unit, for example, with other internal clients and partners. Although Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys were used to periodically measure internal client satisfaction, they were infrequent, had a small sample size, and did not provide adequate, continuous, and proactive guidance for operational issues. Additionally, the impersonal, remote nature of many of the communication exchanges and the high volume of interactions made it difficult for the leaders at the shared services centers to proactively drive internal client satisfaction using traditional means.

Genpact Solution

Genpact implemented Operations Network Analytics (ONA) to identify communication patterns and deliver impact through specific recommendations to improve internal client satisfaction.

Genpact’s ONA combines proprietary data sets and frameworks related to performance and effectiveness of shared services organizations with Social Network Analytics (SNA) metrics originally developed at MIT’s1  Center for Collective Intelligence. SNA leverages interaction traces (typically email, excluding the email body for privacy but also other sources such as calendars and other communication tools).

ONA was applied within the shared services teams to help answer several key questions:

  • Who are the network leaders? What is their degree of influence?
  • Are they proactive in communication? How many emails do they send vs. receive?
  • What is their responsiveness? How many follow-ups do they require?
  • How transparent is the communication? What are the sentiment and emotionality, and how do they vary?

For each global organization and its shared services centers, Genpact collected and analyzed email data to identify key influencers and their respective behaviors. SNA metrics were calculated for individuals and groups across key parameters such as network centrality, frequency of interaction, creativity, responsiveness, contribution, and overall sentiment. Finally, using a proprietary framework, monthly scorecards were published for the leadership of the shared services teams with specific guidance on how to improve internal client satisfaction.

Business impact

The results shed light on otherwise invisible communication behavior between the shared services organizations and their internal client teams. The analysis revealed clear trends that indicate potential degradation or improvement in relationships.

Insights from ONA enabled the leaders to:

  • Address targeted coaching needs for individuals and groups and design communication environments for change management (collaboration) outside email
  • Supplement traditional management methods and drive more proactive and effective governance of shared services teams across organizational boundaries

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