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Network analytics provides an unprecedented view of banking operations and helps drive transformation

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A major Australian bank

Banking and Financial Services

Business need addressed:
Maximize effectiveness of global operations and improve organizational productivity

Genpact solution:
Operations Network Analytics (ONA)at different levels of granularity helped senior management identify key influencers and their communication behavior and enabled specific actions for improvement.

Business impact:

  • Adaptation and flexibility
  • Standardization and simplification
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

A major Australian bank wanted to improve the effectiveness of operations and enable transformation initiatives but was hampered by limited visibility into how teams actually worked together and whether different units were communicating and collaborating effectively. Genpact’s Operations Network Analytics (ONA) solution mapped and analyzed interaction patterns at different levels to identify invisible communication behaviors and provided specific guidance to drive operational transformation.

The business challenge

A major bank with a complex portfolio of brands and business units, as well as a history of M&As, had initiated numerous critical transformation initiatives. However, senior leaders lacked visibility into how effectively teams collaborated within and outside the company with customers and partners. Intelligence was available in pockets because they didn’t know or interact with the majority of the people directly. This had a significant impact on organizational productivity and effectiveness and made the diagnosis of actual issues very complex, thus potentially jeopardizing the success of their transformation efforts.

Genpact implemented ONA to identify communication patterns and guide transformational impact through specific recommendations.

“SNA metrics were calculated for individuals and groups across key parameters such as frequency of interaction, creativity, responsiveness, contribution, and overall sentiment.”

Genpact’s ONA solution combines proprietary data sets related to performance and effectiveness with Social Network Analytics (SNA) metrics developed at MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence. ONA leverages interaction traces (typically email, excluding email body for privacy but also possibly other sources such as calendars and other communication tools).

This was applied within the client organization to help answer several key questions:

  • Who are the key influencers?
  • Who is central in the network?
  • How do they behave?

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  • Do they contribute to the discussions or filter them?
  • Do they regiment work or assume a collegial/creative work style?
  • Do they respond fast?
  • What is the sentiment of their conversations?
  • Are those actual behaviors and structures appropriate for what the operations are trying to achieve, and in line with how they are supposed to be?
  • How do external partners interact with the team?

Genpact constructed communication matrices between multiple entities such as business units, functions, roles, and individuals. Email traffic was analyzed at different levels to identify key influencers and their respective behaviors. SNA metrics were calculated for individuals and groups across key parameters such as frequency of interaction, creativity, responsiveness, contribution, and overall sentiment. Finally, influencers and contributors were identified based on communication efficiency.

Business impact delivered

The results shed light on otherwise invisible communication behavior within the client organization that transcended the fixed workflow. The analysis revealed patterns between different units at a steady state, as opposed to those in transformations. It helped senior management drive operational transformation by providing insights into the following:

  • How different groups in the network operate and how effectively they are interconnected
  • The extent to which different entities in the network are exercising leadership and using the organizational network to foster innovation
  • The ease of information flow and accessibility of knowledge across key people

Insights from ONA enabled the client to:

  • Address targeted coaching needs for individuals and groups and design communication environments for change management (collaboration) outside email
  • Streamline processes, eliminate unnecessary touch points, and simplify operations
  • Harness the “invisibles” (employees who are important but don’t have formal power or self-promote) more effectively
  • Supplement traditional management methods and drive more proactive and effective governance of globally distributed teams across organizational boundaries.

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