Case Study

More robust financial forecasting for promotional sales of a UK foods manufacturer optimizes spend by 3% to 5%

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A leading food manufacturer in the UK

Consumer packaged goods

Business need:
Optimize promotional spend through better decision-making and analytics

Genpact solution:
Developed a robust analytical model for promotional scenario planning and guideline formulation

Business impact:

  • Increased visibility into promotional sales through process standardization
  • Flexibility generated multiple promotional plans enabled by analytics

Business challenge

The client needed a forward-looking model to generate financial forecasts for promotional sales. There was no formal process for analyzing and improving more than 4,500 unique annual promotions, which resulted in delayed decisions and multiple lost opportunities.

Genpact solution

Developed a robust analytical engine for promotional scenario planning and guideline formulation in UK across 30 brands and seven customers covering.

  • Brand strategy
  • Historical promotions analysis
  • Future promotion planning based on historical and/or new financial forecast for volume, revenue, cost, and profit
  • Targeted analysis across key channels/accounts
  • Alignment with the manufacturing plan in terms of capability and flexibility

Business impact

The client optimized promotional spend by 3% to 5%, generating multiple promotional plans along with financial forecasts. Standardization and simplification of the process led to faster decision-making, especially for short-cycle products.

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