Case Study

How a security software company increased customer satisfaction through analytics informed product support

Client: A Fortune 500 security software corporation company headquartered in the United States

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High tech

Business need addressed:

Transform product support operations for a superior customer experience

Genpact solution:

Analytics-informed process reengineering and technology improvement

Business impact:

On course to achieve:

  • Up to 7% improvement in C-SAT scores
  • US$22 million lower costs
  • 25% lower case resolution times
  • Consistent customer service

A Fortune 500 security software enterprise found that it had significant room for improvement in customer satisfaction (C-SAT) scores due to suboptimal product support processes. Genpact developed a transformation roadmap and implemented a set of analytics-informed projects, on process reengineering, and technology improvement.

Business challenge

A Fortune 500 security software company with sizable product and technical support operations consisting of 3,500+ people handling 1.1 million cases annually faced rapidly evolving customer expectations and customer satisfaction (C-SAT) scores below industry benchmarks. The client aspired to achieve best in the industry customer satisfaction levels and thus needed to transform its product support operations.

Genpact solution

In-depth interviews with key personnel, floor shadowing, and workshops helped understand the “as is” product support processes. Lean Six Sigma experts then mapped these processes, determined appropriate KPIs, and benchmarked them against best-in-class performance. Proprietary contact center analytics provided insights into the customer satisfaction drivers. A set of 55 analytics-based initiatives were identified to streamline product support from case creation to effective resolution. An implementation roadmap was put in place to implement a set of prioritized high-impact initiatives.

  • Establish a seamless two-tier support - advanced technical support for a superior experience for business customers and to provide real-time assistance to frontline consumer and business support staff when necessary
  • Optimized interactive voice response (IVR) to reduce customer touch points and promote alternate support channels
  • Automated case progression in the CRM system and call-back process

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  • Revamped quality assurance, C-SAT tracking and training processes with real-time feedback capture, redesigned C-SAT survey, voice and screen recording, and a quality assurance organization that monitors cases and responds to feedback with a closed feedback loop
  • Establish a command center to centralize governance and improve service delivery, with real-time adherence and service management reporting
  • Create a common performance management dashboard, replacing multiple dashboards for a unified view of performance
  • Set up an analytics center of excellence for end-to-end process analytics, including predictive analytics
  • Integrated data management solution and unified data storage, to allow data to be consolidated from multiple sources - computer telephony integration (CTI), workforce management tool, etc., CRM to enable a 360-degree view of the customer; and case progression insight at a granular level

Business impact

With the analytics-informed transformation road map and implementation, the security software major’s product support operations are on track to achieve:

  • 7% higher C-SAT scores
  • Annual savings of US$22 million from lower operational costs
  • 25% lower case resolution times
  • Consistent customer service across geographies and products

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