Case Study

Global pharmaceutical leader ties healthcare provider satisfaction to prescription performance to assess sales reps and improve performance

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Global pharmaceutical manufacturer

Life sciences

Business need addressed:
Identify metrics and correlations linking healthcare provider (HCP) satisfaction/engagement to prescription performance

Genpact solution:
Genpact analyzed Rx data and HCP survey rankings to identify value drivers of business performance

Business impact:

  • Better insight into sales rep performance
  • Stronger analyses of competitive opportunities

This global pharmaceutical leader wanted to correlate sales rep rankings and customer satisfaction (determined through a survey of healthcare providers) with granular-level prescription-activity data to better understand trends for selected brands in specialty therapy areas.

Business challenge

  • Correlate sales rep ratings and customer-satisfaction rankings with prescription performance
  • Analyze internal metrics with peer competitors to develop initiatives that increase market share
  • Identify the value-based metrics that drive company performance

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Genpact solution

Genpact’s research and analytics team integrated prescription-level data with survey ratings and then performed a series of sophisticated analyses and statistical routines to gain insights and create derived/calculated metrics

  • Used survey data to devise parameters such as the “customer value driver index” to measure sales rep performance and “engagement value driver index” to measure the level of company engagement with customers
  • Compared these indices with prescribing statistics such as market share, growth in market share, and growth in prescription volume
  • In-depth analyses of index values at regional levels to gain clearer understanding of company performance at a more granular level
  • The same indexes and metrics were applied to competitor data to benchmark competitive market position and trends

Business impact

The pharmaceutical company used these analyses to better see how its sales reps and the company as a whole are engaging with customers—and to compare those levels of engagement with competitors’. By comparing the survey results of satisfaction and engagement with prescription rates/statistics, the company has a better understanding of what most effectively drives key performance indicators.

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