Case Study

Giving road warriors their due

A company wins over its trucker customers with a clever mobile app

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Who we worked with

A freight factoring company

What the company needed

A way to help their customers conduct business anytime and anywhere

How we helped

  • Created a mobile app and instituted automated billing and invoicing so customers can submit bills on the go
  • Added extra features, including one that shows drivers where to find the best gas prices as well as truck stops along the route
  • Included a credit check feature to help haulers choose the best brokers and shippers

What the company got

  • Faster funding and payment processing for client
  • Improved driver engagement with custom notifications of discounts, offers, and promotions
  • Significant reduction in the labor and overhead costs associated with manual bill processing
  • More accurate data

A leading freight factoring company was experiencing serious delays with collections, resulting in reduced cash flow and profits. The firm advances full or partial payment to haulers as soon as they submit their invoices, then collects from the shipper or broker. Delayed collections affect not only the factoring company itself, but also its customers in cases where advances are made on a “recourse” basis. It was essential for the firm to redesign its slow and fragmented collections process to both improve profitability and customer service.


Speed up customer payments—and delight drivers with extras

The company was hamstrung without an advanced mobile system. Worse, its slow web application, manual processes, and inefficient operations led to errors, lost paperwork, and delayed payments. Manual bill processing was costly, due to uneconomical use of human resources.

Take a copy for yourself

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One app to simplify billing and make the long haul easier

Genpact mobile-enabled the firm’s existing web app to let truckers and freight haulers effectively manage payments. With this solution, customers can now submit bills on the go by taking and uploading cellphone photos of paperwork as soon as they deliver their freight. They can use the app to create invoices and add rate sheet images, bills of lading, lumper receipts, or any other document (See Figure 1). 

The company’s customers also benefit from the app’s fuel-finder feature, which locates the best gas prices within a 15-mile radius—and filters them for discounts and taxes. The app highlights where to find restaurants, showers, scales and garages, too. It even lets drivers check the credit of brokers and shippers—and gives them a quicker way to request more credit for themselves.

Other unique elements

  • Structured analytics to identify crashes and to capture crash logs
  • An easily accessed operating system storyboard and interface builder
  • A third-party library for image manipulation called uFollowit
  • Google Analytics to track every aspect of user behavior

Figure 1 : The mobile freight factoring solution 


Loyal customers who get paid promptly

Now this firm’s customers are paid faster, get better gas mileage, and can choose from a broader range of business partners.

Some of the key benefits the company gained:

  • Improved accuracy of data capture and faster payment processing. Mobile invoicing grew by nearly 700% within the first year and the feature had an active user rate of 75%-plus
  • Fuel-finder and truck stop searches went up by 300% within the first year and averaged about 1,000 searches per week
  • In the first year, about 8,000 mobile invoices a month came from customers using the image capture feature—and that reduced back-office costs associated with manual bill processing 
  • Minimized risks for the firm’s customers with a credit search feature that validates brokers and shippers. Since the app’s launch, credit-related searches grew by over 100%