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A snappy new app for sales

And a real productivity boost

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Who we worked with

A global insurance company with more than 85 million customers in 130 countries.

What the company needed

A way for insurance agents to get quotations faster and show potential clients personalized insurance products. The contact center was overworked and the processes too analog and paper-heavy.

How we helped

We built a mobile platform connecting primary stakeholders - sales agents, marketing and the customers. The solution also allowed agents to illustrate personalized insurance products during a sale. A digitized underwriting process including digital signatures and data validation algorithms, eliminated data entry issues.

What the company got

Much higher gross written premiums (GWP) for greater profitability. Easier claims and settlements tracking and monitoring. Improved productivity with better connectivity and communications between field-agents and customers

A leading insurer was struggling with fragmented sales and underwriting processes, so customer service—and the company’s growth—suffered. Genpact developed a unified, secure and scalable mobile solution for the firm that made selling and customer onboarding easier. It fostered workforce collaboration, boosted productivity and upgraded business processes.


Convincing this insurer that technology is a friend

Historically, insurance companies have been reluctant to try new technology—even though doing so means faster resolution among customers, agents and management. So productivity, customer engagement and overall growth suffers. But this firm recognized that technology could help it to:

  • Improve productivity to control unit insurance costs
  • Manage risks and addressing stricter regulatory procedures
  • Make sure new policies, products, technology are risk-averse
  • Keep afloat in a shaky financial environment and stand tall in the face of competition
  • Take advantage of powerful new mobile apps and getting its customers to use them

Take a copy for yourself

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A smartphone app that does it all

We installed Rapid Rater, a smarphone app to connect agents, independent marketing organizations, and customers. It illustrates personalized insurance products at the point-of-sale (POS). It also digitized underwriting processes, including signatures, and connected data validation algorithms. We applied Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to eliminate data entry issues. And we introduced rapid and efficient app tools that integrate social, cloud, and web channels

The upshot? Rapid Rater gives insurance agents access to client records and lets them carry out sales and other account origination processes. Agents can generate immediate, personalized, premium quotes for life products any time, anywhere and connect with the national sales desk—all with one touch. The app provides the insurance firm and agents real-time information about the competitors’ products/services and customer feedback, which enables them to design better products in order to be more competitive. Here’s what the tablet application offers:

  • Calculators and quoting tools: Agents can create quotes, save them for later reference and access them via email 
  • Integrated calendar: Agents can manage their personal and business calendars and refer to case files for business appointments
  • Case files: Agents have access to all the case files. They get alerts about pending cases, policy changes and policies at risk. They can also view case histories and manage cases end-to-end from the application
  • A way to create and manage contacts: Agents can add contacts and create groups to handle their contacts and customer profiles
  • Forms and ticketing: Agents can create tickets and monitor them from the app. They can also download products forms, complete them and share them with customers


21st-century connectivity—and better sales as a result

Genpact’s mobility solution helped the client achieve:

  • Unified access for 10,000+ direct selling associations including business partners, agents, and individuals or any company which is directly selling/marketing their products /services
  • Higher gross written premium (GWP) for greater profits
  • Better connectivity between agents, partners and customers
  • Less dependency on back-office operations

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