Case Study

A brewing major reduces costs by 35% with transformed global business services

And high-caliber staff had it up and running in just 10 weeks

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Who we worked with

A global brewing company.

What the company needed

A leg up on the competition with a smarter, faster, and centralized finance function for 22 operating countries.

How we helped

Designed, set up, and stabilized global business services (GBS) for the company’s finance function in just three months.

What the company got

A fully operational GBS organization in record time, and 35% G&A cost reduction in just six months.


Get the back office up to speed to sprint ahead of competitors

It takes time — and a time-proven process — to brew a superior beer. But behind the scenes, quickly implemented operational changes can make a world of difference in international brewers’ ability to compete. So when our client learned that it lagged behind its peers in back-office process standardization and centralization, it knew it needed to act fast to begin delivering more efficiency, agility, performance, and value from its finance organization.


Transformed GBS operations in just ten weeks

We built a business case for establishing a GBS organization to centralize the client’s finance operations for 20 operating companies and 30 legal reporting entities across 22 countries in one location. After due diligence, we recommended setting up the facility in Krakow, Poland, where the city’s well-educated, multilingual workforce could support the 11 languages the GBS organization needed. What’s more, our presence in the city since 2008 meant the company had immediate, preferential access to a solid recruitment network of agencies and universities.

We hired more than 500 full-time accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general accounting employees to staff the center. Since all the employees had experience in their functional roles, our team focused on project management, change management, HR, IT, legal, transition, knowledge transfer, and continuous improvement. This made sure the Krakow team could quickly deliver smart and sustainable results from the facility we were able to fully fit out in just 10 weeks, six weeks faster than typical, because of our existing connections with local suppliers.

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A confident, high-caliber GBS team that’s cutting costs

It took us just 90 days to agree upon, design, and establish the client’s fully operational GBS organization with 500+ high-caliber employees. After only six months of steady-state stabilization, our client has:

  • Reduced its G&A costs by 35%
  • Experienced just 5% turnover in the GBS group, compared to the typical shared services center rate of 20%
  • Gained full confidence in the solution, because we provided mentoring support and migration support through the seven fast-tracked migration waves

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