Case Study

20% reduction in operating costs within 12 months using “smart e-billing” to boost effectiveness

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Client: Global leasing company

Industry: Banking and financial services

Business need: Inefficient invoicing processes, high costs and low customer satisfaction

Genpact solution: Genpact improved the productivity of the invoicing process through automation and optimization of resources

Business impact:

  • Cash flow and liquidity
  • Reduced cost of operations
  • Met compliance requirements
  • Enhanced customer expectations

Business challenge

A global leasing company was facing challenges in its invoicing process effectiveness leading to high processing expense, higher operational costs and low customer satisfaction. Genpact was engaged to standardize the invoicing process and reduce overall operating costs.

  • Non user friendly invoice formats
  • Operational costs higher than industry standards
  • Delayed payments resulting in cash flow challenges
  • Manual processes leading to process inefficiency

Genpact benchmarked and standardized invoicing workflow using process and technology enhancements to improve productivity, lower the cost to serve, and raise customer satisfaction

  • Customized invoice formats and optimized use of incumbent systems through e-billing consolidation capabilities
  • Automated several manual processes and incentivized customers to move to paperless model
  • Provided access to real time data by integrating customer self-service portal and customer service representatives (CSR)

Business impact

  • By adopting advanced processes and technology, the client was able to reduce call center volume by 35 percent
  • Redundancy in invoice volume was reduced 20 percent
  • Reduced overall operating costs by 20 percent in 12 months
  • Improved ability to meet SOX compliance requirements

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