Sep 17, 2013

What Generating Impact is all about

September 17, 2013 - All professional services organizations say that they do a lot for their clients and have a large impact on their business. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be in business. A consultancy may tell a company ways that they can generate more impact, but they won’t actually do it for them. A pure-play technology firm may deploy solutions that enhance operations but won’t solve the problems inherent in the underlying business processes. So, the key questions are “how” you actually generate impact and “what” impact you are actually generating.

This is where Genpact fits into the market. Genpact stands for Generating Impact, which is visible in tighter cost management as well as better management of risk, regulations and growth for hundreds of long-term clients including more than 100 of the Fortune Global 500. Genpact has the unique heritage of being born from one of largest multinationals, General Electric (GE), and pioneering the application of Lean and Six Sigma to business processes. This formed our unique scientific approach to measuring the effectiveness of business processes - our Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) methodology. Since 2005 we’ve been independent while still partnering with all major GE businesses.

Genpact offers an unbiased, agile combination of analytical insights and innovative technology to transform and run business processes and operations for our clients. We help our clients become more competitive by making their enterprises more intelligent: adaptive, innovative, globally effective, and connected to their own clients.

So what specifically does “generating impact” mean at Genpact? Through a passionate, client-centric culture of 60,000+ employees across 24 countries around the world, it means:

  • consolidating 60 global sites into a single Shared Service Center that handles all Finance operations globally for a global pharma leader;
  • combining processes, analytics and technology to create a tool that helped an aerospace manufacturer reduce raw material inventory by 48% and generate $31 million of working capital in just one year;
  • increasing coding efficiency to 91% from 50% with an impact of almost half a million dollars each month, decreasing new patient overbilling and increasing established patient revenue for a leading US drug retailer that operates in-store health clinics; and
  • enabling a US-based durable goods manufacturing leader to rapidly expand into an emerging market through a flexible cloud-based finance and accounting (F&A) business process as a service (BPaaS) solution, allowing the company to complete three acquisitions in six months and align new back office with global operations in less than 12 weeks.

There are many more examples that we are happy to show you ( I’ve been with Genpact since its formation in 1997, and I could not be more proud of how far we’ve come in this short period of time, especially how we have generated $22 billion of impact for our clients since 2006! I welcome you to join us on this exciting journey!

About the author

NV "Tiger" Tyagarajan

NV "Tiger" Tyagarajan


Based in New York, Tiger Tyagarajan is credited as one of the industry leaders who pioneered a new global business model and transformed a division of GE (formerly GE Capital International Services) into Genpact, a $2.74 billion global professional services firm focused on delivering digital transformation for its clients.