Instinctive Racing
Jan 07, 2019

We're powering transformation at 150mph

Catch up on our partnership with Envision Virgin Racing and how it benefits you

When your organization makes business-critical decisions, it draws on insights from across the enterprise – from all its systems and data, and the experiences of its people.

And how long does it take? Days? Weeks? Sometimes even longer?

Now imagine making those decisions in a split second while traveling at over 150mph, with your competitors racing alongside you.

That's a daily reality for Envision Virgin Racing, a founding team in the disruptive Formula E championship – the world's first fully electric international single-seater motor-racing championship. With so many possible scenarios and so little time, the team needs accurate, data-driven insights to make lightning-fast decisions.

When we first met the team, we quickly uncovered shared goals, a passion for innovation, and irresistible opportunities to collaborate. We announced our partnership with Envision Virgin Racing in December at the AI Summit in New York.

Our CDO, Sanjay Srivastava, and Envision Virgin Racing MD and CTO, Sylvain Filippi, at the AI Summit

With one of the next-generation racing cars with us at the booth, we shared details about the work we're doing with Envision Virgin Racing to power digital transformation and gain greater success as the fifth Formula E season gets under way.

Watch our short video to see how we're creating the first instinctive racing team together:

And what's equally exciting is that we'll apply the lessons we learn on the track to help our clients evolve, embedding AI in their own organizations and becoming instinctive enterprises.

We shared a deeper view of how your organization can also transform its performance, forecasting, and customer engagement with MIT Technology Review, Techonomy, and Recode, using examples from the worlds of both business and motor racing.

And as the season progresses, we'll share more fly-on-the-wall details about the work we're doing. I hope you'll join us for the journey.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite Envision Virgin Racing driver through Fanboost before each race.

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