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Nov 13, 2017

Transforming the way we learn

How Genpact is embracing the disruptions it faces in the world of learning

A previous blog of mine talks in depth about the need for multi-disciplinary thinking and the key design principles that we were seeing in the emerging learning environment – a pervasive ecosystem that extends far beyond the more formal, traditional forms of training. In this note, we will cover how we at Genpact are embracing this and attempting to bring it to life in our firm. 

The transformation road to learning

Based on our understanding of the changes taking place, we kicked off multiple 21st century learning initiatives that would help us transform how we learn at Genpact. From mobile learning, to social learning, to video learning to self-driven, anytime, anywhere learning - the journey was packed with innovative ways to make learning easier. We linked our internal learning platforms (iLearn and iPerform), so as to bridge the gap between learning and performance, and looked beyond traditional L&D to aggregate content for access to relevant internal and external content from across the web. We did this in order to make learning much easier for our employees to access. While we have been on this journey for only about 18 months, the pace is accelerating and the new learning-ecosystem at Genpact is evolving rapidly. To give you a sense of the speed at which we are doing so, here is our month-wise chronology of changes that are rolling out in H2, 2017.

  1. July 2017: Launched Genpact’s Front Line Manager (FLM) Learning Ecosystem, as well as the FLM Community on GSocial (our social intranet).
  2. August 2017: Launched mobile-enabled training – with content that focused on our pivot on digital solutions.
  3. September 2017: Launched online onboarding for all India employees. We aim to take this up a few notches by launching pre-onboarding globally in early 2018.
  4. October 2017: Launched our mobile-enabled, on-line associate learning ecosystems, along with a GSocial Community to support peer-to-peer and social learning.
  5. November 2017: Launched our Band 3 Ecosystem for Hi-Tech, Manufacturing and Services (HMS) and will extend this across regions to other verticals like Capital Markets & IT Services (CMITS), Consumer Goods, Retail, Life Sciences & Healthcare (CGRLH) and Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BSFI) by January 2018.
  6. December 2017: Launching the integrated iLearn-iPerform platform.

Key shifts in how people learn

‘Pull-based’ Learning Ecosystems:  These encourage self-paced learning and allow us to track each employee’s individual learning curve. These ecosystems help shift the importance from macro-learning to micro-learning video bytes. Additionally, employees get the opportunity to upskill themselves and benefit from an individualized learning experience based on a person’s needs and position.

Easy access to learning: More than 300 hours of video-based learning have been created on video content management solutions like Panopto and video learning bytes have already been included in our ecosystems and Lean Digital training. Through mobile learning, we have given our employees flexibility in learning and encouraged the culture of ‘anytime-anywhere/on-the-go’ learning.

Collaborative learning: Social learning, which is a form of peer coaching and contributes to the 20 of the 70-20-10 model, has been made simple by creating communities on our GSocial page (our intranet homepage) to encourage collaborative learning among peers and experts. 

Digitized learning: With the help of these new learning ecosystems and video- and mobile-enabled learning, we are able to cater to the learner’s demands for learning that is real-time, byte-sized and personal. With business intelligence coming in, the entire learning and HR fraternity will be introduced to the power of integrated and consolidated reporting on key metrics for the entire organization at the click of a button. Further, by creating a ‘system of work’, we are not only integrating all our initiatives with iLearn, to facilitate a one-stop-shop to track learning as well as all compliance requirements, but are also continuously strengthening and enhancing the user experience on iLearn.

Individualized learning (still to come): By integrating our iLearn-iPerform platforms we create the ‘right’ training for the ‘right’ people at the ‘right’ time. This integrated platform is underway as I write this and all upcoming appraisals will soon occur on this new platform. Employees will be able to link their development to their learning and track their training status.

The best is yet to come - in learning.

The idea behind any of these initiatives or principles at Genpact is that we continue to provide significantly increased learning opportunities for our employees. This can only be achieved by introducing a more modern way of learning into the system and creating opportunities for them to upskill themselves in this dynamic business environment. Each day will bring something new, something disruptive, something diverse and challenging. It is for us to be prepared and equipped – and skilled to the hilt. I cannot wait to see how this road to transformation benefits the employees of Genpact! 

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