Digital Transformation
Feb 01, 2018

Transforming insurance operations to be intelligent, digitally enabled operations

With Genpact Cora SeQuence

The digital technologies that make up Genpact Cora can exist standalone, but to maximize their benefits, they should be encased in a dynamic workflow. Our strategy had this in mind, which is why we acquired PNMSoft— a cloud-based intelligent Business Process Modeling Notation (iBPMN) tool that can be integrated with almost anything, including the other parts of Genpact Cora. In the context of insurance operations, Cora SeQuence (how PNMSoft is branded within Cora) represents the cornerstone of intelligent, digitally enabled operations.

As a BPMN tool, everything starts with the business process, which is mapped and outlined in detail within SeQuence using BPMN diagrams. SeQuence goes beyond process by allowing user interface design as part of the data flow between activities. Furthermore, you can connect activities to external data and processing sources, including third-parties such as ISO, your systems of record, or artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools such as the Genpact RAGE Frameworks.

An important benefit of using a BPMN engine to manage work is process analytics. SeQuence can handle data (e.g., FNOL information) and either store it or pass it along to external databases/systems of record. At the same time, it's keeping track of the process itself — information such as how long something takes, how many instances of a process are executed, or how many times one process path was chosen versus another. This information is easily surfaced using built-in reporting and visualization within the SeQuence platform. The implications of this last point are significant, including (but not limited to) understanding the impact of process changes to maximize return on investment.

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Frank Neugebauer

Frank Neugebauer

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