Jul 19, 2013

In memoriam of an innovator

July 19, 2013 - In the words of the New York Times "James Martin, a British technology expert, author and prognosticator who viewed mankind's onrushing future with alarm and excitement and used his considerable fortune to address his concerns, died on June 24 near his home in Bermuda. He was 79"

James Martin was one of those key personalities in science and technology who, apart from sheer genius and grit, also sported a keen inclination for, simply put, making the world a better place. And he deeply enjoyed it. As such, he is one of the best examples I can think of for work worth doing – a meaningful theme we discussed a while back.

He was also the founder of Headstrong, a company that went on building the fabric of some of the most complicated operations systems on earth – those of our financial markets. The legacy of James' work will certainly serve as inspiration for many in Genpact, where Headstrong now lives, and reminds all of the little degree of separation between what we do and what makes the world go round. It is just a matter of making a little more impact.

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Gianni Giacomelli

Gianni Giacomelli

Chief Innovation Leader

Gianni serves as Chief Innovation Leader where he drives and sponsors Genpact’s strategic initiatives aimed at sustaining clients’ transformation into digitally-enabled companies. He also co-leads the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) efforts to set up a Collective Intelligence Design Lab.