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envision racing melting point
envision racing melting point

Melting Point: The race against climate change

London’s city streets are full of historical, meaningful statues and sculptures. And on July 21 for 24 hours only, there was one more.

Ahead of London’s FIA Formula E World Championship races, we amplified the call to fight climate change with digital technologies and data.

With our partner, Envision Racing, we created a life-size replica of the team’s all-electric race car out of seven tons of ice. Exposed to London’s scorching summer sun, our sculpture – like the ice caps – melted. Fast!

Taking part

We offered people around the world an opportunity to take part in the Race Against Climate Change. By guessing the percentage of ice that melted, we donated $1 for every entry to the Arctic Ice Project, a non-profit organization that’s restoring ice in the Arctic to slow climate change.

One ice car. London sun. Solutions for climate change.

Augmenting intelligence

Based on the same AI-powered algorithms that we’ve used to help Envision Racing accurately predict the number of laps in a race, we created the Melt Estimate Generator – MEG. We also shared updates on temperature, wind speed, and rainfall to help everyone’s estimates.

MEG predicted that our ice car would melt by 68.86% in 24 hours. The final result? The car shrunk by 66.01% – MEG was close!

Competition results and our partners

People around the world entered the competition and triggered donations to the Arctic Ice Project on twitter.

On behalf of everyone who entered the competition, Genpact donated $10,000 to the Arctic Ice Project, which will support the organization’s work to restore ice in the region, giving us more time to find long-term climate-change solutions.

What would it feel like if we could put climate change in reverse?

About Envision Racing

Envision Racing is a founding team in the FIA Formula E World Championship, the first fully electric, single-seater racing series. The team has one simple purpose, to use its platform to inspire generations to tackle climate change and transition to e-mobility and renewable energy. This is the Race Against Climate Change.

Envision Racing is also the first Formula E team to be certified carbon neutral, and Genpact is helping maintain that status by automating how the team reports on emissions.

About the Arctic Ice Project

The Arctic Ice Project is working on solutions that restore the Arctic’s natural heat shield to mitigate the impact of global warming.

The Arctic is warming at more than twice the global rate of the entire globe, a phenomenon known as Arctic amplification. Arctic sea ice has been declining 10% per decade, and many experts now agree there is the possibility of ice-free Arctic summers by 2030. Restoring ice in specific strategic areas of the Arctic may represent the largest safe lever humanity has to stabilize the climate and reduce dangerous tipping-point risks.

As a leading non-profit in the climate restoration field, the Arctic Ice Project has been innovating promising solutions for ice preservation for 10 years. The organization estimates that the solutions it is developing represent an opportunity to buy up to 15 more years for our global economies to decarbonize and build a more sustainable future.

Genpact is proud to support the Arctic Ice Project in safeguarding and protecting the Arctic.