Cora RegAssure

Boost transparency, compliance, and margins by automating regulatory product lifecycle management.

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Cora RegAssure Highlights

  • 40
    reduction in costs
  • 50
    reduction in adverse event case processing costs
  • 100
    accuracy in extracting the key data for adverse events
  • Automated life cycle workflows

    Cora RegAssure helps life sciences companies automate regulatory life cycle workflow using predictive analytics and data visualization tools.

  • Regulatory process alignment

    Our AI-powered product aligns internal systems and data to regulatory processes and user roles.

Effective Visualization

Predictive analytics and data visualization tools deliver real-time insight, while compliance and service dashboards measure and track process efficiency and effectiveness, with instant alerts to drive immediate intervention.

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Controlled Operations

Best-in-class SaaS platform provides an industry-leading command center to manage all aspects of regulatory operations.

Dynamic Workflow

Dynamic workflow allocates high volumes of tasks based on skills and availability, while robotic process automation (RPA) reduces error-prone manual work and helps optimize workflows further. Standardized processes connect various systems of record, thereby ensuring global data quality and process adherence.

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