Intelligent Reporting Assistant

Get timely insights, strengthen decision-making, and boost stakeholder confidence with automated end-to-end management reporting.

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Intelligent Reporting Assistant Highlights

  • 80
    automation of report preparation
  • 70
    automation of business narratives and commentaries
  • 5
    improved agility
  • Reimagine reporting

    Automated reporting combining digital technologies and analytics.

  • Robust executive summaries

    Get an objective and consistent view of performance across the business.

Data sourcing

The data you need sits in many places – in your ERP, in customer relationship management systems, and externally in news sources, market reports, and social media. The Intelligent Reporting Assistant finds and extracts it, allowing users to create reports on the fly.

Data interpretation

Once collated, the solution puts data into standard templates and uses machine learning to prepare it for analysis. In this way, you can automate report generation and create custom views.

Data analytics

Using advanced analytics, predictive modelling, and cognitive computing to enrich data, the solution can run hundreds of what-if scenarios and find trends. It's also flexible so you can quickly analyze revenues, market share, or competitors for a business unit or geography.

Commentary writing

The system automates variance analysis and writes commentary using natural language generation. About 70% of commentaries are automated but this varies depending on your industry and need to maintain confidentiality.

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The Intelligent Reporting Assistant streamlines reporting while generating predictive insights.

Genpact has made an imaginative move to integrate true artificial intelligence with its business process service.

Phil Fersht
CEO and Chief Analyst, HfS Research

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