Duplicate Payments Optimizer

A cloud-based solution that roots out duplicate payments to improve cash flow and financial performance

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Duplicate Payments Optimizer Highlights

  • 15
    reduction of maintenance and inventory
  • $
    million saved
  • 130
    global AP clients
  • Duplicate payment identification and correction

    Search for duplicate payments by any number of rules or ERPs with multiple field combinations.

  • Auto-audit

    Online validation of duplicates provides an audit trail for future reference.

  • Reporting

    Role-based access with rule builders, reporting engine, and custom audit reports.

Intelligent processing

Define criteria for duplicate invoices and the tool will "learn" that criteria. It is highly configurable and can search based on any number of rules with multiple combinations of fields.

Detailed analysis

Compare your organization's defined rules (i.e. combination of columns to identify potential duplicates e.g. Invoice # + Invoice Date + Vendor No. etc.) to the information in your historical data and current invoices. When the tool identifies a probable duplicate item, it runs detailed analytics of the data.

Smart notifications

Flag duplicate items and tracker resolution status through an automated audit trail. Automated notices allow users to immediately track items when an issue arises and take appropriate action.

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