Cora ClaimsAI

Automate auto claims classification and estimates accurately and quickly with our AI-based solution.

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Cora ClaimsAI Highlights

  • 15
    seconds to classify a claim as total loss or repairable
  • 80
    and above accuracy with AI
  • $
    reduction in cost of claims processing
  • Determine Total Loss Vs Repair faster

    ClaimsAI uses computer vision to analyze vehicle photos for damage & adds real value at FNOL without human touch.

  • Shorter claims settlement cycle-time

    Cora ClaimsAI leverages onsite inspection & photo-assessment and reduces the claims settlement and estimation cycle time by 70%. It also helps in removing cost of inspection.

  • Faster redeployment for lease & fleet management

    Quickly profile the damage on returned cars & prepare customer charges on the fly using ClaimsAI's damage baselining capabilities. Reduce customer disputes & improve your bottom-line.

End-to-end auto claims management

Cora ClaimsAI uses computer vision to automatically detect and label auto damage location and damage types, improving FNOL accuracy for total loss versus repair decisions and generating claims estimates in minutes instead of days.

Commercial lease-end damage estimation

Cora ClaimsAI reduces the reliance on manual inspections for auto lease and auto rental companies, speeding up the remarketing of lease- end cars by 70% and overcoming the shortage of field inspectors.

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