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Genpact Industrial Solutions offers new way to help businesses develop and monetize products faster and more cost effectively in a volatile world

Leverages GE heritage and industrializes product development support processes

NEW YORK, February 11, 2014 – Genpact Limited (NYSE: G), a global leader in transforming and running business processes and operations, today announced the launch of its Industrial Solutions business at the ARC World Industry Forum, being held this week in Orlando, Florida. Genpact’s Industrial Solutions service line provides Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and operators a new way to develop, operate and service products faster and more cost effectively to address continued market volatility.

Engineering, manufacturing and service leaders in OEMs and operators face many strategic and operational challenges including cost and margin pressures, increasing competition from global and local players, emerging market complexity, global supply chains, and new technologies. OEMs are also faced with the difficult transition from a product to a service-centric organization due to inaccurate installed base data, limited remote diagnostics, and suboptimal field force management. These issues are typically addressed by increasing efficiencies within each siloed area of the product lifecycle, namely engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, and aftermarket services. This approach often results in lower return on investment and delays in new product introductions, which ultimately lead to lower market share and customer dissatisfaction.

With more than 17 years of experience transforming business processes for GE and Global 2000 industrial and equipment manufacturing companies, Genpact provides the right combination of industry domain expertise, process excellence through its Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) proprietary framework, analytics, technology, and a global operating model to solve clients’ business challenges. This often includes operating innovation for processes including prototyping, technical documentation, failure forecasting and parts optimization.

Genpact’s Industrial Solutions provide integrated engineering and asset optimization services and solutions to its clients, helping them reduce time to market, and design and engineering costs, enabling faster new product introductions, improved service revenues, reduced service cost and improved end-customer asset up time.

“Driven by business volatility and need for agility, the role of global business process operations is evolving. Manufacturing enterprises’ ability to manage cost structures and make effective decisions is severely tested in volatile times,” said Patrick Cogny, Senior Vice President and Business Leader, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Services, Genpact. “The magnitude of the change requires new, often radical re-thinking of target operating models for engineering, sourcing and aftermarket services. Our Industrial Solutions portfolio presents optimal and proven solutions across these functions.”

Genpact offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions to industrial manufacturing companies spanning across various segments including aerospace, automotive, power generation, oil and gas, and medical equipment. More information is available at

About Genpact
Genpact Limited (NYSE: G) is a global leader in transforming and running business processes and operations, including those that are complex and industry-specific. Our mission is to help clients become more competitive by making their enterprises more intelligent through becoming more adaptive, innovative, globally effective and connected to their own clients. Genpact stands for Generating Impact – visible in tighter cost management as well as better management of risk, regulations and growth for hundreds of long-term clients including more than 100 of the Fortune Global 500. Our approach is distinctive – we offer an unbiased, agile combination of smarter processes, crystallized in our Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) proprietary framework, along with analytics and technology, which limits upfront investments and enhances future adaptability. We have global critical mass – 63,600+ employees in 24 countries with key management and corporate offices in New York City – while remaining flexible and collaborative, and a management team that drives client partnerships personally. Our history is unique – behind our single-minded passion for process and operational excellence is the Lean and Six Sigma heritage of a former General Electric division that has served GE businesses for more than 15 years. Follow Genpact on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

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