Leading Edge Innovation

An innovation strategy aligned with a distinctive company strategy

We want every one of our clients to be a Lean Digital enterprise - able to harness practically the latest technology and data practices, and run intelligent process operations that generate growth, cost efficiency, and business agility. Our innovation strategy leverages a unique combination of industry and functional process expertise, analytics capabilities, and technology know-how to enhance business outcomes and facilitate smarter decision-making. Whether through disruptive process improvements or new services and solutions, our goal is to drive impact for our clients. By focusing on the end rather than the means, our innovations are more agile and pragmatic. Importantly, the combination of Lean management and design thinking practices with the ability to harness advanced digital technology makes transformation practical and impactful.

Through Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM), our proprietary process transformation framework, we pinpoint the granular sources of discontinuous impact: from the impact of enterprise resource planning templates that close books faster, to impacting cash flow by optimizing parts of the order-to-cash process with Genpact’s Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) platforms; from Anti-Money Laundering industrialized support, to Industrial Machinery asset monitoring and management services.

Consider these unexpected sources of transformation that most firms disregard because they do not take a holistic, process-centered approach:

  • People: that is, specialized, innovative human resource practices—scalable skills development and better supervision techniques, which can help both your retained and outsourced organization
  • Technology: that supports, not just automates, people’s work (Genpact Smart Enterprise Collaboration) or targeted, practical use of cloud solutions (Genpact Akritiv for order-to-cash processes)
  • Analytics: innovative solutions for industrialized (scalable, cost-effective) analytics through Genpact Analytics Lab

The result is innovation aligned with today’s business needs:

  • Cost-effective, limited upfront investment
  • Enabling change: your people collaborate better, can continue to adapt their process and react better to changes prompted by volatility

In an age of volatility where clients demand quick returns and future flexibility, we strive to provide innovative solutions that are “built to adapt.”

Genpact is uniquely positioned to deliver business process innovation

We are business process and operations specialists. Such a distinctive position, coupled with unique intellectual property, such as SEPSM, which was created to harness the power of Lean, enables us to harness a diverse yet cohesive client, partner, and internal ecosystem.

Like any great process, real innovation does not happen in a silo, and our approach benefits from a vast network of intelligence: in-depth collaborative development work with some of our best clients, and select consultants and advisors; joint research with leading academia like the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence; our web-based SolutionXchange collaboration network of “crowd-sourced” experts; our SEPSM group and deep analytics bench; Genpact’s active Board of Directors; as well as targeted acquisitions, such as Akritiv and EmPower Research. To follow and participate in our innovation dialogue, visit the Genpact innovation blogs.

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