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Why Innovation-by-DesignSM?

Large, complex enterprises struggle to adapt to changing market dynamics at scale.

Customer experience expectations have skyrocketed and some disruptors are successfully attacking incumbents. Regulatory pressure has increased. All this in a very uncertain business environment. Yet the flow of work that supports the ability to execute at scale across these three mandates is fragmented, hamstrung between an often modern front end, and a manual and dated back office.

This challenge has stubbornly resisted traditional transformation methods, and is the root of a “digital divide" between leaders in the adoption of digital technology and analytics, and the majority of enterprises.

Why do we need design thinking?

What is it?

Innovation-by-DesignSM, the design-thinking driven approach to innovation, addresses these issues by aligning the organization from end to end. It applies practical design-thinking principles, which are often well understood by marketing groups but foreign to mid- and back-office professionals, to align and transform the customer experience, end to end.

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Design Thinking innovation for business processes and operations: An overlooked key to growth, not just cost


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Design thinking for enterprise transformation

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Generating Impact

Radical innovation along with unprecedented customer experiences are no longer limited to startups.

  • A consumer products global leader reimagines mature and complex order management to boost retail-client value and better compete on data in an unpredictable, promotion-heavy environment
  • A life science global leader rethinks parts of the procurement cycle to significantly enhance budget adherence and compliance
  • The financial arm of a global auto manufacturer reinvents client experience during the origination phase of its financial products