Property & Casualty Underwriting

Generating Insurance Impact

Leading insurers today are developing new operating models in response to a number of factors, including adverse market conditions, intense competition from traditional and new players in the insurance underwriting industry, excess capacity, evolving customer preferences, and new technology. Genpact architects the Lean DigitalSM enterprise by combining design-thinking principles and Lean approaches with digital technologies, analytics, and deep domain expertise for the insurance industry. Our approach reimagines organizations beyond the front, middle and back office to create end-to-end digital solutions that deliver business outcomes, allowing our clients to focus their efforts on reallocating resources to capture scalable growth across the market.


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Genpact covers a full spectrum of underwriting services, from business process management to advanced analytics in the insurance industry. Our services include:

Submission & Clearance: We offer services such as documentation on liability coverage, eligibility checks, data entry, application processing, account verification, and data scrubbing for consistent data inputs.

Property Data Management: We use automated underwriting engines and rating tools to help underwriting teams price risk more effectively.

Managing General Agent(MGA) Booking & Data Management: We offer data entry and policy booking services once risk is bound.

Premium Audit Workflow: We offer services to audit risk and exposures during the tenure of a policy.

IT: We offer services such as modular intelligent workflows, data management tools, and MGA data integration solutions.

Analytics Solutions: We offer catastrophe modeling, underwriting triangulation reports, portfolio modeling and operational analytics, data management and risk aggregation, predictive modeling, data quality frameworks, geospatial analytics, and visualization.


At Genpact, our focus has been on transforming and running business processes and operations specific to the Insurance industry vertical. Focused on enabling stronger growth, Genpact works with 20+ clients, including six Fortune 500 insurers, generating an impact of $500 million+ for the Insurance industry.