Analytics & Actuarial Services

Generating Life Insurance Impact

Insurance industry leaders are driving their organizations to create advanced analytics capabilities and develop valuable customer insights in order to transform their originations function and drive greater efficiency, effectiveness, and governance through advanced operating models.

Genpact provides a range of analytics services, including consulting, data management, and outsourcing, to design, transform, and run our clients' analytics functions. Through our Data-to-InsightSM process, we enable the industrialization of analytics, improving the ROI on our clients' existing IT investments and elevating their process operations to best-in-class.


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Genpact has developed its analytics capabilities working with insurance clients for over a decade. Our analytics capabilities include ready-to-deploy unstructured data solutions and reusable toolkits. Genpact's strengths include an end-to-end compliment of "Analytics" IT to operationalize data analysis. Our "Center of Excellence" (CoE) model focuses on enterprise outcomes and ensures the optimal allocation of resources and technology. Our solutions include:

Managed Services

  • Perform tasks with staff augmentation across functions and projects
  • Actuarial pricing, reserving, modeling, and experience analysis
  • Catastrophe risk management
  • Risk management and data services

Customized model development

  • Claims first notice of loss, fraud, and subrogation
  • Risk selection and triage
  • Customer acquisition, management, and retention

Emerging solutions

  • Exploring new technical approaches and uses of financial data
  • Recorded voice analytics
  • Predictive monitoring
  • Human performance

Our Centers of Excellence (CoE)
Proven industrialized CoE process models that offer flexible evolution of the transformational future state at an optimized pace, including:

  • Marketing analytics
  • Actuarial and risk services
  • Data management and reporting
  • Model development and validation
  • Process excellence and transformation


Our clients typically see benefits including loss ratios reduced by 5–10%, improved reserving forecasts, greater premium and payment accuracy, and improved customer satisfaction and retention levels. Some of the successes include:

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