Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Asset Optimization

Generating Industrial Manufacturing Impact

Even a single hour of unscheduled asset downtime in industries like power generation, oil and gas, or aviation can cost millions to end-customers and damage reputation of OEMs.

Genpact' s industrial asset optimization solutions integrate assets and data sources on a common analytics platform to derive actionable insights through remote monitoring, diagnostics, and prognostics to enhance service revenues, drives field service management, reduce asset downtime and manage risk.


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Insufficient machine-to-machine connectivity, remote monitoring and analytics hampers timely insights and proactive maintenance of mission critical assets leading to unscheduled asset downtime, high unplanned service costs, and regulatory compliance and data security risks.

Genpact's unique Connect, Collect, Compute and Control methodology enables the following offerings in industrial asset optimization:

  • Asset service optimization including pre-contract analytics, contract setup and execution, contract appraisal analytics and contract portfolio risk analytics
  • Asset performance optimization including assessment of current remaining useful life of assets, prognostics proof of concept, pilot and enterprise scale up, and continuous execution improvement.
  • Asset risk analytics to proactively identify and mitigate risks for customers related to asset performance and compliance through appraisal analytics and portfolio risk analytics

Our Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) proprietary framework helps companies reimagine their industrial asset optimization operations by integrating effective Systems of EngagementTM, core IT, and Data-to-Action AnalyticsSM, enabling tangible business outcomes such as service cost reductions (up to 20%), revenue enhancement (up to 15%), and improvement in asset uptime (up to 15%).


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