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Client onboarding and account management have become increasingly critical functions for the banking industry.  In addition to regulatory requirements, the initial verification, risk assessment, and profiling of a client by a bank assists in creating a relationship between two firms. As the industry gets more competitive, onboarding clients rapidly, while keeping Know Your Customer (KYC) and AML status checks updated at minimal cost, is essential. Changing regulations also demand that banks have robust client onboarding and KYC processes that can stand up to both internal compliance audits and audits enforced by multiple regulatory agencies. To effectively manage this complex array of global requirements and data challenges, financial services firms need a holistic client lifecycle management approach that takes into account the entire ecosystem across the full client lifecycle; from new client onboarding to off boarding and everything in between.


Genpact helps financial institutions design, transform, and run best-in-class client lifecycle management processes and technology platforms that address increasing regulatory compliance, client satisfaction, and revenue assurance, all while minimizing operational risks and cost. Our array of solutions for client lifecycle management includes:

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Markit | Genpact KYC Services
In partnership with Markit, a leader in financial information services, our industry-level service provides a standardized, end-to-end managed service that centralizes KYC data and process management for banks while also providing their counterparties a single solution for distributing KYC documents and data.

Business Function Management Services
Our global operations teams have developed deep expertise across client onboarding, KYC, and AML processes, helping clients to achieve year-on-year productivity gains while staying nimble amid a dynamic regulatory environment. Our proprietary Remediation as a Service platform enables clients to address the recurring need to remediate client data sets associated with customers in an on-demand and scalable manner.

SEPSM Diagnostics
End-to-end diagnostic projects to assess current states, identify existing gaps, and benchmark onboarding business processes around KYC. These include due diligence, legal entity verification, account opening, and credit and document management with industry best practices. This helps identify gaps and build an incremental implementation road map, including recommendations and insights for improvement.

Process and Technology Architecture Blueprinting
Process blueprinting by our Lean Six Sigma architects leverages our Intelligent OperationsSM to build a detailed process handbook for our clients. Our technology architects, with expertise in onboarding-focused workflow, document management, and MDM solutions, help clients define technology roadmaps, architectural components, and quick POC-based validations.

Reference Data Advisory Services
We have pioneered the development of industry benchmarks for reference data management functions across financial institutions. This has helped our clients benchmark themselves against peers in the industry and develop best practices in governance, technology, operations, data quality, and sourcing.


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