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Managing the full client lifecycle, from client on-boarding through to client off-boarding, is a critical function within the financial services industry. Moreover, keeping pace with the rapid evolution of global regulations, such as the latest anti-money laundering (AML) directives or international tax compliance rules, has pushed the cost of compliance to unprecedented levels. Spiraling resource-requirements are an obvious issue, but many firms also struggle with data integration, manual processes, remediation backlogs, related risk concerns, and consequent poor customer experience.

Most financial institutions recognize change is essential but need help to identify the right model and efficiently manage the transformation. As a global leader in digitally powered business process management and services, Genpact can help. We have the domain experience to design, transform, and run your client lifecycle operations .


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Our unique Lean DigitalSM approach to business transformation is designed to help large enterprises with complex, and oftentimes outdated, pre-existing operations, embrace the art of the possible with client lifecycle management (CLM) processes, while enhancing client satisfaction and minimizing operational risks. Our solutions for CLM include: – Our industry leading Know Your Customer utility services
Our industry-level managed KYC utility service enables firms to quickly become eligible and ready to transact. industrializes and standardizes business-critical due diligence processes, allowing firms to centralize operations around client on-boarding and account management, and connecting due diligence data to address KYC, financial regulation, and counterparty requirements. Firms benefit from an industry led policy standard for KYC data quality and completeness, as well as lowered costs and simplified processes.

Remediation Services
Our global operations teams have developed deep expertise across client on-boarding, KYC, and AML remediation projects. Our platform enables us to help our clients rapidly address their remediation requirement in an on-demand and scalable manner. We offer a variety of options, including on-/off-shore and blended models, point of time refresh, and ongoing staff augmentation.

Process Transformation and Consulting
Genpact's Transformation and Consulting team is uniquely positioned to see and understand end-to-end global business enterprise data streams and workflows, from internally managed segments to outsourced elements, and back again. Such unprecedented visibility allows us to execute both discrete process transitions and more holistic enterprise transformations in ways that traditional consultants cannot.

Technology Platform Services
Genpact offers rapidly deployable platform solutions and services which help capital markets firms transform and run a wide variety of trading operations while improving risk mitigation. Our partnership with key capital markets technology providers forms the backbone of our platform capabilities and enables our clients to manage risk, comply with regulations, and stay competitive.

Shrinking budgets and disruptive technology are driving the adoption of Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS), which has also been termed “platform BPO." In client lifecycle management (CLM), this delivery model—typically part of business process outsourcing (BPO)—offers the opportunity to leverage best-in-class CLM-focused technology and standardized, yet configurable, processes, without major capital outlays.

Advanced Analytics
As one of the largest analytics providers worldwide, Genpact combines data-to-insight as well insight-to-action processes enabling the industrialization of analytics. A pioneer with more than 15 years' experience and over 6,500 dedicated associates, Genpact analytics services have been consistently ranked as a leader in this space.

Risk Consulting
Axis Risk Consulting, a wholly owned subsidiary of Genpact, is a specialist risk and compliance firm offering governance and risk consulting services to clients across the globe.