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Our solutions to research and analytics challenges in the capital markets sector address multiple problems: slow turnaround time, uncoordinated processes that fail to learn from experience; junior banker turnover that inhibits knowledge retention; cost pressures around onshore capacity creation; limited automation and technology.

Genpact helps capital markets firms design, transform, and run their processes through Intelligent OperationsSM that seamlessly integrate process, analytics, and technology. We offer a flexible and scalable delivery model that streamlines research and analytics operations capable of closely mirroring business cycles.


Genpact's smart enterprise research hubs help scaling and flexing work while integrating it into the client operations. Our domain expertise in research and library services help deliver superior research and customized work outputs. A proprietary supervisory technology enables real-time monitoring of research tasks and talent management, while at the same time driving cost savings and productivity benefits.Genpact's solution offers comprehensive end-to-end research services that include:

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Sector Research

  • Deal opportunity identification
  • Screening activities
  • Pitch book support
  • Deal execution support
  • Due diligence support
  • Valuation analytics

Library Services

  • Market data information
  • Credit and management agreements, indentures, charters, and bylaws
  • Broker reports/newsletters
  • Regulatory and company filings

Presentation Services

  • Designing and developing presentations and Word docs
  • Rebranding the entire library of existing materials
  • Direct marketing: pitch books, selling memos, mailers, newsletters, logos/icons/forms, data sheets

Mobile Apps

  • Raise requests anytime, anywhere
  • Click a picture and directly send over to a presentation specialist
  • Block off resource time in advance
  • Track progress and review deliverables even while executives travel
  • Schedule a discussion with offshore teams at the click of a button

Command Center

  • Real-time productivity dashboards
  • Monitor resource utilization and productivity at the research hub, function, and analyst levels
  • Intelligent team allocation mechanism based on capacity utilization
  • Responsive feedback mechanism for improving processes


  • Automation of repetitive tasks such as updating research databases
  • Significant reduction in execution time, enabling quick turnaround, improved data quality, increased accuracy, and effective knowledge management


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