Retail Banking

Multi-Channel Customer Acquisition and Service

Generating Banking Impact

Opportunities to create value in the retail banking sector have rapidly shifted from products to customer experience, especially in today's multi-channel environment.

Genpact's Multi-Channel Customer Acquisition and Service (MCAS) offering helps banks serve their customers through the channel of their choice throughout the entire banking life cycle. The Genpact solution combines technology, analytics, and operations to design, transform, and run operations that flourish in a multi-channel banking environment.


Retail banks vary in terms of existing infrastructure, as well as their vision of an end-state multi-channel offering. In addition, most banks have a wide range of experience and maturity when it comes to the use of analytics, operations, or IT levers to enable their plans. Genpact has developed a portfolio of services that make up our Intelligent OperationsSM to help retail banks with these challenges:

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  • Integrated multi-channel contact center: Enabled by an industry-leading CRMS contact center system and delivered through Genpact's superior operations capabilities, the center doubles as a social media command center and helps banks leverage the medium not only for reputation and brand management but also for customer service.
  • Analytics-enabled marketing services: Analytics-enabled marketing services help bankers make the right offer to the right customer through the right channel. Analytics measure campaign effectiveness, so bankers can tweak and improve campaigns based on actual results.
  • Industrialized banking options: The virtual captive provides a flexible operating model that includes all important processes from account opening to collections. The standardized, compliant options create better compliance and can reduce cost through better scaling. With more than 6,500 dedicated retail banking professionals, Genpact can deliver this “in-a-box" solution either end-to-end or piecemeal, depending on bank preferences.


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