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The changing scope of today's mortgage landscape has lenders looking for innovative solutions to meet fluctuating demand and counter higher default levels. Genpact's mortgage processing services leverage worldwide delivery capabilities, technology, and smarter analytics to design, transform, and run mortgage lending operations.


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Guided by our Lean DigitalSM approach, Genpact Mortgage Services deliver superior and efficient operations through a combination of innovative analytics, technology solutions, and process excellence. Based on a “best-shore model," our mortgage solutions include :

With our comprehensive end-to-end solutions, we provide effective sales support through our existing global delivery network. Our solutions encompass:

  • Lead Generation and Analytics
  • Call Screening, Customer Counseling
  • Product Finder, Pricing Engine
  • Loan Pricing, Program Selection, Loan Application Management

Our integrated solutions deliver a self-service experience that reduces incoming call volumes and maintains refinance or loan modification term integrity while lowering processing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Our solutions include:

  • Borrower, Third-Party Communication, Application Processing Disclosure
  • Pre-conditioning
  • Vendor Management, Document Verification
  • Rate Locking
  • AUDecision

Genpact combines efficient processes, domain expertise, and advanced technology tools for more efficient underwriting operations. Our solutions span:

  • Credit/Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Collateral Risk Underwriting, Underwriting Decision, Condition Management
  • Audit, Quality Control/Compliance Management

Closing and funding
Genpact focuses on improving process flow and enhancing productivity. Our solutions span:

  • Customer Contact
  • Loan Stacking/Shipping, Loan Closing Coordination, Post-Close Review
  • Condition Clearing , Review of HUD-1 and Funding
  • Pre-Purchase Review, Purchase Approval, Wire Request/Approval and Document Draw
  • Review of Docs/Loan Funding, Trailing Docs, Delivery
  • MERS Registration
  • Investor/Service Delivery

Genpact manages operations for fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, biweekly mortgages, and second mortgages by streamlining the transactions associated with servicing and customer support. Our services include tracking of tax, insurance expenses, and escrow funds, and the generation of coupons, end-of-year statements, and letters. We provide :

  • Setup, Payment, Collections
  • Escrow Services
  • Default Management
  • Refinance/Loan Modification and Short Sale/Foreclosure
  • Due diligence, Loan Maintenance, Customer Service

Our services span credit, regulatory compliance, fraud detection, representation and warranty, servicing, BPO value reconciliation, non-performing asset due diligence, pre- and post-funding quality control, loan defense, bankruptcy QC, agency quality assurance, document verification, data scrubbing, operational reviews, surveillance, data integrity, collateral, HMDA data scrubs, and RESPA Audit.

Genpact Mortgage Services, Inc. (NMLS ID #178925) is licensed as a Consumer Loan Company by the Washington Department of Financial Institutions. For additional information, please visit NMLS Consumer Access. To know more about Mortgage services licenses acquired by Genpact click here.


We help enterprises be more competitive by becoming more adaptive, innovative, globally effective, and connected through tightly managing costs, risks, and regulations and by supporting growth. Examples of our impact in the mortgage industry include the following: