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The asset finance industry is facing challenges of lower margins and slower growth. As a result, many firms seek to expand their portfolios to new asset classes and geographies, while simultaneously reducing operating costs and controlling delinquencies. Genpact has spent over 15 years helping asset financing firms to design, transform, and run their operations to make them more nimble and competitive in the market.

Our proven Six Sigma-driven approach to business process improvement has combined the power of smarter processes, analytics, and technologies into Genpact Intelligent OperationsSM that raise operational efficiency, lower costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Genpact is present in 24 countries, providing market-leading finance solutions from delivery centers around the world. As a result of our extensive reach and experience, our clients realize tighter regulatory compliance and lower risk.


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Genpact has worked with marquee equipment financiers across the globe for over 15 years and leverages a global talent pool of more than 5,000 leasing and lending professionals. Genpact asset financing includes support to operations related to office equipment, IT, construction, automotive and commercial vehicles, and health care equipment, with an expertise in servicing vendor and dealer finance. We work with numerous lending technologies in all areas of equipment finance, including:

  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Credit & risk assessment
  • Origination
  • Collections
  • Credit regulatory reporting
  • Portfolio analysis

Genpact's Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) solution gives lenders access to an integrated product offering that leverages our deep equipment finance process expertise, which is built on a proven and tested proprietary SEPSM and Six Sigma framework. Moreover, by using a state-of-the-art originations technology platform and partnerships with IT providers in the equipment finance industry, we can immediately manage the IT support infrastructure required for a large pool of leasing and lending experts. This enables firms to launch multiple product offerings in as little as 16 weeks at 30-60% lower cost than alternative solutions.


In the over 15 years of operations we have been managing over $200 billion in commercial finance assets across 20 countries and supporting operations in 30 languages.

Our client successes include:

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