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Genpact's experience in delivering commercial banking solutions spans the globe and a wide range of industries, from Healthcare, Energy, and Manufacturing to Transportation, Franchise Finance and Real Estate. We help clients design, transform, and run advanced commercial banking operating models that drive greater efficiency, effectiveness, and governance at scale.

Our commercial lending origination platform brings together business process, analytics, technology, and a globally located, highly skilled workforce to help customers improve transaction lifecycle. With multi-shore solutions, Genpact streamlines originations, manages risk, and maintains compliance with a focus on making client organizations agile, innovative, and strongly connected to stakeholders—the hallmarks of an intelligent enterprise.


Genpact Commercial Banking Services combines our process excellence with analytics and IT solutions to help reduce costs and enhance business efficiency. Our solutions include:

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Genpact's Intelligent OperationsSM, help deploy advanced operating models that address specific industry needs and foster growth, manage cost, and drive compliance across business functions in the commercial banking industry. Our approach identifies key links between processes and establishes detailed benchmarks to provide continued process improvement, transform business processes and generate greater growth and profitability to help clients reach their goals.

Our client successes include:

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