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Best-in-class product life cycle management in the life sciences industry can be the difference between a product that succeeds and one that doesn’t. Firms maximize product value by ensuring product compliance, keeping products in market longer, and entering new markets faster. However, most life sciences organizations struggle with maximizing the effectiveness of life cycle management due to high costs, manual processes, fragmented processes and a lack of technology.

Product lifecycle management needs an integrated approach across multiple functions that promotes communication between companies and local regulatory affairs organizations in order to decrease the risk of non-compliance.


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Genpact RegAssure is powered by Genpact Cora - an artificial intelligence (AI) based platform for digital transformation, and harnesses a flexible, cloud-based Systems of EngagementTM that layers on top of the existing systems of record to automate regulatory lifecycle workflows, and align systems and data to regulatory processes and user roles.

It also enables real-time insight through predictive analytics and data visualization tools, and provides compliance and service dashboards to measure and track process efficiency and effectiveness, with instant alerts to drive immediate intervention if needed.