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Cora ARFlow

Streamlining accounts receivable

Despite being critical to the way organizations collect cash and communicate with customers, accounts receivable (AR) functions still suffer from fragmented processes and systems that rely too heavily on manual intervention. With poor visibility due to limited or unusable data, it is little surprise that inaccuracies, customer dissatisfaction, and sub optimal returns on working capital challenge many AR teams.

Cora ARFlow transforms the AR function by enhancing collaboration, streamlining order-to-cash operations, and improving cash flow.


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Cora ARFlow is powered by Genpact Cora. It works with organizations' existing systems of record and IT investments to improve operational performance and business agility. Through our Lean DigitalSM approach, we combine deep domain expertise with lean and design-thinking principles to guide the choices of digital and analytics technologies and operating models.

Key features include:

Credit risk management
Cora ARFlow automatically pulls data from credit bureaus and flags changes to appropriate users, enabling initial line-of-credit assessments, periodic reviews, and continual credit-threshold management to process orders. This module helps clear disputes faster, and uses custom algorithms to control inventory release schedules.

Collections workbench and dispute management
Organizations benefit from prioritized collections work lists, automated customer communications, and greater visibility into disputes for faster resolution. Additionally, Cora ARFlow tracks and displays activity on user and management dashboards, and measures performance and compliance against KPIs and policies.

Cash application and forecasting
Cora ARFlow automates the application of cash to invoices, resolves exceptions, enables predictive matching, and enhances the accuracy of revenue forecasts. It enables a high auto-match rate through intelligent algorithms, and provides smart suggestions for manual applications that make it simple to process unmatched remittances.

Electronic invoicing and online payment
By automating invoice creation, Cora ARFlow enables instant payment of open invoices by the end customer through multiple channels. It improves billing, collections, and cash management processes by receiving and standardizing invoice information in various formats.

Customer portal
This web-based, self-service module allows agents and customers to view, process, and discuss the status of any transaction at any time.


By adopting Cora ARFlow, organizations can make a dramatic impact on their available cash, agility, and competitiveness by providing tight regulatory and internal compliance and real-time tracking of the order-to-cash process. This allows CFOs and their teams to create added value and impact business outcomes.