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High Velocity Engineering

Engineering companies for the digital age

Genpact combines technologies such as automation, mobility and ambient computing to make companies run better. We help firms mine better quality data, make faster and more insightful decisions, develop better governance and reporting, get to market faster, and increase customer satisfaction. We call this High Velocity Engineering. And the motor that makes things run? Genpact Cora, our AI-based platform featuring a modular, interconnected mesh of technologies that tackles specific business challenges from beginning to end.


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We use technologies such as mobility, ambient computing, and augmented/virtual reality to create smart objects for better data and faster decisions. Our solutions include:

  1. Conversational UI, middleware, and machine learning for next generation multi channel interfaces that sense, see, hear and talk
  2. Intelligent Applications to utilizes the full toolkit of big data and analytics tools to refine offers and improve customer experience, and make processes and tasks easier and more effective
  3. Intelligent Things to enable the shift from stand alone to a collaborative model, by enabling communications across the value chain
  4. Augmented and Virtual Realty for an immersive environment to transform interactions between individuals and software systems
  5. Full spectrum development services using agile methodology and rapid prototyping to develop and implement solutions at scale
  6. Implementation including ambient context modeling, context-aware computing, and integration with smart user and ambient interfaces
  7. Enterprise Mobility solutions empower users to conduct business from anywhere, anytime with better user engagement platforms, mobile strategies, mobile application development services, testing and integration services