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Not only has data become ubiquitous in our personal lives, but it has also become the lifeblood of many businesses. When organized for greater access and insights it becomes the most valuable asset for a company. Data management has evolved from data warehouses to data lakes to data swamps—and we continue to drown in it. There are still issues regarding proper acquisition, cleansing, timeliness, validity, accuracy, availability, and conformity of data. Companies are making huge investments in cloud data infrastructure, and other technologies; unfortunately, however, the return on these have mostly been underwhelming due to lack of optimal approach.

At Genpact, guided by our unique Lean DigitalSM approach, we develop and deploy a data-monetization strategy that optimizes the design, implementation, configuration, and management of our clients' data ecosystems, enabling agility, stability, and speed for intelligent decision-making.


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Powered by Genpact Cora, our data engineering consulting offerings cut across a wide variety of industries.

Data strategy and advisory: Data strategy and design to enable our clients to maximize return on their data assets using traditional and/or modern data architectures.

  • Blueprint strategy for enterprise data
  • Target operating model for data programs
  • Tools selection and advisory across the entire data landscape
  • Reporting rationalization to drive standardization

Data architecture: Assess, design, re-haul, and maintain data ecosystems that include modern architectures (such as data lakes, federated data stores, cloud-based data hubs) and traditional data ecosystems (such as data warehouses, operational data stores, and data marts).

  • Data modernization - cloud/datawarehouse/hybrid data consolidation
  • Data as a service - big data and data lake services for data enrichment
  • Data visualization and self-service BI enablement for build, migration, and upgrades

Data orchestration: Ingest, integrate, curate, and wrangle all forms of data from system of records (SoR), structured as well as unstructured, through next generation and traditional architectures.

  • Data integration and data processing automation services for structured/unstructured data SoRs
  • Data enrichment data solutions for building data fabric for metrics reporting and analytics
  • Data wrangling/munging services for advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence purposes

Data governance: Manage availability, usability, integrity, and security of data employed in an enterprise. Devise a sound governance program, including a governing body with a defined set of procedures as well as a plan to execute them.

  • Data governance for quality, master data, metadata/cataloging, archiving, and security


True to our promise of delivering material business outcomes, we help our clients unlock value quickly and systematically at each step of their transformation journey. We enable data to directly impact revenue growth and margin expansion. We also prevent data swamps, improve agility to meet dynamic business needs, and create reliable and accurate decision-support system. The result? Improved productivity and operational efficiency, plus scalable and reusable data ecosystems.