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Advanced Analytics

Bring advanced analytics to the market, at scale

As our clients undertake their digital transformation journeys, we find data analytics fast becoming a critical component driving the exchange of value within digital ecosystems and guiding decision-making. However, despite the significant hype around data and analytics, success in harnessing them for material business outcomes often remains elusive. Analytics offers unprecedented opportunities, but most organizations still struggle to deploy analytics in a practical, flexible, and scalable way. Too often, they end up with multiple standalone, short-term fixes, which require lengthy development cycles and significant investment, yielding disappointing results.

The root cause of these failures can be traced to the inability to scale, poor design and change management, and the wrong mix of technology, talent, and accountability. Based on our expertise — and guided by our unique Lean DigitalSM approach — we integrate analytics into our clients' ecosystems by developing a robust framework to solve the most complex data science problems.


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Advanced analytics consulting, which carries out data driven business transformations programs, is a dedicated practice at Genpact consisting of senior analytics practitioners and subject matter experts specializing in specific industries and functional areas.

Our chief science officers (CSOs), who serve as senior thought leaders for client-led working groups and drive lateral innovation and R&D efforts in existing accounts, uniquely complement and bolster our consulting capabilities.

Powered by Genpact Cora, our advanced analytics consulting offerings cut across the functional areas we serve — risk management, customer analytics, supply chain management, finance and procurement analytics, industrial internet of things (IIoT), commercial analytics, and insurance analytics.

We handle the entire process, from strategy formulation, to deploying the solution in the field, and guiding business decisions utilizing advanced data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Our offering includes:


  • Define objectives and prioritize business outcomes
  • Identify operating levers based on business reality
  • Develop analytics strategy and roadmap

Build (Data-to-Insight):

  • Data – Identify what kind of data the situation demands and what can be realistically collected
  • Models – What is the best-fit analytical model to solve the problem using data science and predictive analytics

Deploy (Insight-to-Action):

  • What is the optimal way to deploy and operationalize the solution at scale in the field to realize the defined business outcomes?

We are a pioneer and one of the largest providers of analytics services globally. Having served clients for two decades, we are consistently rated as one of the leading providers in this space by independent analyst firms such as IDC, HfS Research, Everest Group, and Forrester.