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Social Media Research

Generating Smart Insight Impact

The emergence of new media platforms has pushed traditional media to the fringes. The paradigm shift in media landscape means that if a client can harness social media chatter and use that knowledge for market research purposes, it is a much faster and cost-effective method of deriving insights compared to traditional research. As a stakeholder in brands, products, and organization, you simply cannot ignore the emergence of social media and the way it can impact you.

Our social media research and insights are used by brand managers, CI professionals, and advertising, PR, and digital marketing agencies to implement E-media learning.


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For any given consumer segment, we can provide insights on the segment profile, including behavior, interests, and attitudes. We then analyze and understand brands online within a chosen consumer segment focusing on awareness, perception, and consideration against competition.

Based on these analyses, we develop a comprehensive understanding of avenues for marketing. Our insights cover, but are not limited to, category landscapes, digital media strategy, influencers, and communities for marketing, consumer segment behavior, and new concept R&D.

As clients implement their social media strategies, Genpact provides a continuous stream of insights on the discussions, concerns, and expectations from their social media audience.