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Order to Cash (OTC)

Generating Order-to-Cash Transformation Impact

Because the order-to-cash process stream is long and complex and comprises multiple functional disciplines (from booking an order with a customer, to a sales representative entering it, to physical or digital fulfillment, to distribution, invoicing and collections), the Genpact Reengineering team has made it one of its most significant areas of expertise.

Using our extensive O2C experience, we have worked closely over the years with various manufacturing and service-sector companies to optimize their working capital. We have helped increase their cash flow by $150-million-plus and identify $10 million in revenue leakage. Our comprehensive understanding of Lean Six Sigma methodology enables us to plug leaks imperceptible to most and pressure working capital back into an uptrend.


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We use a patented nine-step reengineering formula that allows us to highlight issues quickly and create long-term solutions that provide immediate benefits.


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