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Order Fulfillment

Generating Order Fulfillment Transformation Impact

A broken or poorly managed fulfillment process stream translates into a slower closing of business, and ultimately, much weaker positive cash flows. That is why we focus on understanding where order-accuracy or timeliness is being compromised. By fixing, eliminating, or reworking process steps and procedural protocols that lead to inaccuracy and delay, we help increase your deliveries, invoices and collections.

Developing a system where all defects are visible and process breaks repaired end-to-end is important. However, experience has taught us to pay particular attention to “upstream” process issues. This is where early order-entry errors and delays can slow or halt process flow outright, often very much adversely impacting downstream process performance.


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To fix breaks or improve oversight, our Lean Six Sigma trained process-improvement experts first train their attention on identifying major cash-flow leakages, and then reengineer processes as appropriate to fix and optimize performance.


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