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Lean Six Sigma

Generating Lean Impact

Organizations are rethinking their operations so that they can adapt faster.

Lean and Six Sigma principles enable organizations to improve their business processes and shorten cycle times by weeding out wasteful practices throughout their operations. While technology adoption can streamline processes, it can also be a challenge to align initiatives to key business outcomes. Genpact’s Lean DigitalSM approach combines Lean principles with design thinking to drive better digital technology choices. Lean and Six Sigma reduce manual effort, saves time and costs, and makes organizations nimble enough to change.

Genpact's Sigma C framework deploys a Lean and Six Sigma methodology to transform business processes through the customer journey. We directly impact the bottom line, foster cultural change, and institutionalize continuous improvement to sustain organizational benefits.


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Genpact's Sigma C framework enables organizations to deliver business value by focusing on five key areas: customer, competency, continuous improvement, controls and metrics, and culture.


  • Identifying the customer value proposition


  • Facilitating learning by doing and involving people at all levels in building internal capabilities
  • Developing a tiered training curriculum with the right tools

Continuous improvement

  • Reviewing projects and improvising
  • Ensuring accountability for delivery

Controls and metrics

  • Monitoring the right metrics for the process and the program and ensuring success


  • Driving change management
  • Moving from function to process-level thinking

As part of the Sigma C deployment, Genpact helps to:

  • Build the right design framework by incorporating the right people, processes, and technologies
  • Identify and prioritize business critical areas
  • Apply or refine a methodology that works for the organization

By combining our Sigma C and Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) framework with core IT, Systems of EngagementTM, and Data-to-Action AnalyticsSM, we deliver Intelligent OperationsSM and enable business agility that can help deliver sustained value.


Our experience deploying Sigma C programs for clients spans multiple industries across the globe and has delivered a return of five to ten times against the investment.

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