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GBS Transformation

Generating Advanced Operations Transformation Impact

In the early phases, Genpact will conduct a thorough feasibility study across processes, people, and technology. Notably, Genpact will act as a trusted advisor during the Discovery and Recommendation phase and as a partner to help deploy the recommendations during the Implementation phase. Genpact will understand the existing organizational structure and recognize the client’s dependency on various systems and inventory processes. The process performance levels identified during this inventory will then be bench marked against those of peer companies, obtained using Genpact’s proprietary SEPSM methodology. The benchmarking, in turn, will provide an initial view of the process improvement opportunities. Viewing data from our direct study of the client in the context of our aggregate industry and functional experience will enable us to design the optimal organization “future state” for both the shared services center (SSC) and the retained unit. Having worked with innumerable enabling technologies, we will also advise which system suits what operating model (e.g., the “ship and fix” or “fix and ship” model). The Discovery and Recommendation phase will help us build the SSC transformation roadmap that will later be applied to both clients with existing shared services centers looking to optimize their operations and clients looking to setup new centers.

In the Implementation phase, Genpact will partner with clients to help deploy the transformation plan. Genpact has used its experience in setting up delivery centers around the world, to create a comprehensive GBS setup framework. The framework includes strong program management comprising Genpact’s renowned transition methodology, operational excellence framework, and change management, among other aspects. Genpact’s robust hiring engine setup across multiple regions in the world and its strong facility-management and business-continuity planning programs will greatly aid Implementation as well. And we are uniquely positioned to infuse our culture into the SSC by establishing a continuous process improvement framework after the center’s stabilization.

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