Global Business Services

GBS Strategy

Generating Advanced Operations Transformation Impact

Genpact helps an enterprise develop its GBS strategy by addressing four key topics: the rationale for setting up an shared services center, including process standardization, regulatory compliance, better control, or simply cost reduction; the organization’s appetite for redirecting resources away from the organization or from transactional work to higher value work; the choice of Target Operating Models, including options ranging from a “pure captive” center to a completely outsourced option and the potential location of the new center;and the delivery DNA, in terms of what processes, practices, and technologies are required for setting up the new center.

Among the key activities that Genpact executes for clients are cost and process benchmarking, assessing different target operating models for the client, and estimating change management implications. We conclude our efforts by producing a final business case that details the transformation path for the organization.

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